Thursday, 20 September 2007

Goodbye Misty!

Misty was stolen from my own garden this morning between 2am-6am (because those were the only hours i were sleeping and didn't hear any noise outside of forementioned time frame). The lock was cut, it was a good kyptonite lock too.

On top of the shitty feeling i've been having, I'm extremely upset (i'm not even going to mention the other stuff). What upset me the most is that I've left Misty in dodgy places overnight, in other rougher parts of Hackney and in the city centre and it was fine, but she was stolen from my own home!!

There were some kids Sunday sitting on the bike and ringing the bell, i was in the kitchen so I gave them a dirty look, they ran away but they were really young though and were just playing football. I suspect is my neighbours, coz they can watch and know what time I'm home and stuff.

Sure, Misty was only £10, plus the tires £30, and lock £40. I've just got used to riding my bike everywhere, it's much faster than taking the bus (plus more environmental friendly and cost effective, transportation is expensive here) but sad news is, I really can't afford to buy another one right now.

I really hope bad karma will happen to the Misty thieves!

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