Monday, 19 July 2010

Random: What Have I been Up to?

I've decided to start a new blog about beauty and nails – Lacquer Boudoir. As you already know, I'm a make-up junkie. So thought to have somewhere to share my finds and my little contribution to fashion. Lacquer Boudoir just celebrated Chanel Week – all post and nail art inspired by Chanel. Have a look, feedback are welcome!

Surprisingly,  this year Great Britain is blessed with hot and sunny weather. I even have a slight tan!! Now, that's a first! This year's gardening is more successful than last year's horrible pest plague that killed ALL my plants. Have basil, thyme, chilli peppers, lemon, sage, parsley and a tomato plant going. The blackberries in the garden should be ready any day now. 

I haven't been posting much about food recipes lately, in the next few days, I hope to post my superfood salad. Bye for now! x
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