Monday, 28 February 2005

Gig 19: Kasabian III - Detroit Rock City

It's Roadtrip Time Again...
We had a late start because Eileen forgot her passport in Newmarket, so we had to detour and then we were stuck in traffic for hours. Ren was going to give up and turn around when we passed Hwy 10 and missed the two exits to 403. We finally got out the city at 4pm and arrived to St. Andrew's Hall by 7:30pm. We made good times but since we were so late, we couldn't have dinner with Marla. It is insane that people in Detroit don't wear their coats, it was freezing like the day before, and girls are walking around in tank tops to avoid coat checks!!

The Music // Kasabian // Morningwood @ St. Andrew's Hall
(431 E Congress St - 313.961.8137)

I'm on it, get on it.. Kasabian is on fire
Guestlist wasn't sorted! Kasabian's list wasn't out by the time the door opens, luckily we saw Trevor and he got all of us in. God bless! Morningwood was already onstage when we got into the venue. The singer Chantal reminded me of a bad version of Kelly Osbourne. They were okay, she does have charisma though must say.

Kasabian was just as amazing as last night. The set was obviously shorter since they weren't headlining, same high energy, tight show with excellent lighting. Notice that Tom has been saying heaps of "Thank You, God Bless you (insert city)!" They played the three b-sides as the night before in a openning set. Don't get me wrong, they are great songs but just thought they would play more from the album. It was so good, i danced and danced, i really don't know how The Music is going to top this. After the set, a British couple offered $20 USD for her Kasabian setlist!

The Music open their set with "Take the Long Road and Walk It", what a great start. Man, honestly, Rob NEEDS to stop grinding to the micstand because it is JUST WRONG!!! if anything it was a TURN OFF not TURN ON! GOD he is ugly! His vocals are still a bit off from time to time, but the rest of the band was tight. After "Human", i was really tired, so i retracted to the back with Eileen for the rest of the gig. The best song of the evening was "Bleed from Within" with the percussion ran-off towards the end of the song. They ended their set with "Too High", i hate that song, however it did ended on a high note. There was no encore.

"I can't believe i'm sitting here with these girls.."
After the show, we talked to Phil for a bit and we were off with Karen (the Birthday Girl) and Trevor for some food. We went to this pub and had burgers, it was goooood! Paul finally found us in the pub as we were finishing up our food. They walked us to our car and said our byes as they walked around Greektown and try to find Paul some food. We drove back by the venue, to look for Music's tour manager, Chris, whom we've been trying to hunt down for months to thank him for guestlisting us last tour. We knocked on the bus and Phil informed us he went for pizza and he should be back in a couple minutes. We didn't want to wait as it was already very late and we still have a long drive back, so we just handed over the gift to Phil to give to Chris on our behalf. We had no problems at the borders, the drive was smooth. Got home at 5:30am.

Sunday, 27 February 2005

Gig 18: Kasabian II - Fucking Amazing!

Kasabian // Projet Orange // Stirling @ Lee's Palace (529 Bloor Street West - 416.532.1598)

It was the coldest day ever! My toes were frozen from lining up. Eileen was more shocked by the new door/decor change of Lee's Palace rather than the band nor the freezing weather. Stirling put on a good show, but i can see the singer's voice could potentially be annoying if hearing too much of him. Projet Orange was the usual. It was a bit ironic that they opened for The Music, now they're openning for the band that is openning for The Music on this tour.

KASABIAN WAS FUCKING AWESOME! And that is all i have to say... no, heh. The lighting was awesome, rumoured that in the UK they have 90 lights, they were only down to 6 laser lights. They played 63 minutes, done every song possible plus 3 b-sides. During the last song "Club Foot" this British guy started an one-minute mosh pit. So lame! A reporter from NME was at the show. We met Trevor, he did sound for Starsailor before, but i couldn't remember him from there. But he was funny as hell.. and all these stories he have to tell.. We'll start this madness all over again in a few hours..

Event: The Hidden Cameras LP Launch

The Hidden Cameras: The Arms of His Ill LP Launch // Signing //
Rita's birthday party (who's rita?) @ 2-5pm - Art Metropole (788 King Street West - 416.703.4400)

All local artzies united for this event. It took place at Art Metropole, a place that specializes in contempoary art and promotes, publishes, exhibits and distributes artist' products in various formats. Many artzies crowded around the place when i arrived. At around 4ish, the acoustic set previewed 3 new songs. Two of them involved audiences' participation: the second song involed eggshakers (GOSH I LOVE THOSE) and the final song of the afternoon featured sing-a-long. After the short set, annouced the birthday of Rita (who's Rita?) and we sneaked a slice of Dufflet superior choccies cake... hmmmmm.. thanks for the cake Rita! ...Oh, and Rita, Happy Birthday!

Saturday, 26 February 2005

Film: Personal Best

** USA. 124 min. Colour 1982. Written & Directed by Robert Towne.Cast: Mariel Hemingway, Scott Glenn & Patrice Donnelly @ 21:09 - Innis Town Hall (Free Film Friday) with Kate & her friends.

I guess it was quite contraversal when this film was made in the early 80s as queer-films was a risk and a taboo especially when the film is themed around competitive sports. The film is of the entangled lives and loves of three highly-ranked athletes (Chris, coach Terry and her friend/lover/ competitor/role model Tory) striving for national Olympic team. There sexual tension between Tory and Chris throughout the film was well played. Chris's character mature as the film progresses. There were a few questiona plots and bits, and at times boring, sometimes WTF. It was mehhhh..

Kasabian I: Proccessed Beats

Acoustic at the Edge

Eileen and I went to the radio station after work to stalk Kasabian. When i arrived there was a crowd already in the studio. The band did two acoustic songs: "Processed Beats", and "L.S.F". Afterwards, the 3/4 of the band proceed signing for the fans. Despite what people have said how they were rude, they were really nice, very patient and chatted, signed to every single person that were there. Can't wait to see them tomorrow!

Tawdry: Danced and Danced
I arrived Alto Basso at around midnight, there was already a few people in line. Good thing that there was an outdoor heater, so the wait wasn't so bad. After waiting for about 15 mins, i heard the bar was playing "There Goes the Fear"... i was thinking "Gah, it's my song, i need to go in NOW!" that was the magic thought and i got into the bar. It's a nice space. It's also a restaurant during regular operation hours. Typical minimal college decor, white walls, mahogany tables, black leather couches, 60s swing lamps.. etc. The dancefloor is located in the basement. It sure was packed. When i ventured downstairs, The Eggstones was playing, i went to the DJ booth to say hi to Trevor and he was like "hey, thanks for coming, LISTEN!!!" He rocks!!

Got stuck with a mod guy with really really bad haircut for the evening, he kept trying to dance with me when i was trying to dance with his striped scarf friend, he was cute. I also got stuck with Alana, she was on e, and told me that Kasabian were here but Mark Holmes took them over to Mod Club for a bit, and that she was trying to get on the guestlist for tomorrow. There's no turning back now that i've been nice to her. Grrrr.. Then i saw fucking Neil.. gosh.. i wish Christine were there to laugh with me.. (i really hope these people i'm talking bad things about don't read this.. or maybe they should so i don't have to be nice to them anymore) The band came back with Mark at around 1:35am, they walked in as they were playing one of their songs. How ironic! i tried to talk to them but they were swamped with people and Alana. I did over heard Tom telling someone that they ate dinner at Alto Basso at 10pm. Ah well.. back to Tawdry, the night was good.. it was better than Blow Up, but they repeated bands too much.. definitely will bring my girlfriends there next time! nite xoxox

Friday, 25 February 2005

Exhibition: Serigraphie Populaire

Serigraphie Populaire: with Dj Mikey Apples // Dj Miss Sin @ Artlab (457 Richmond. W., Toronto)

I've been feeling anti-social since Saturday, but I went ahead to attend the art openning anyway. The above were my purchases. I can't wait to frame them. I love attending artshows, it makes me feel very inspired. I talked to Chloe at the show for a bit, she's also in Aidswolf. She liked my scarf, we talked about glasses and being obnoxious. I saw way too many people there that I knew, I couldn't hide anymore, so I left early before I see any more people. But i'm glad I went..

Killing Time.. Killing Me..
I was killing time at a bookstore, when i came across the latest issue of Filter, inside there was an article of Doves, Kaiser Chiefs and J's band. My heart sank as i saw his photo.. i couldn't bring myself to read the article... i wonder if he ever thinks of me? should i see him in April?

Who are you, Mystery Boy?
Today, I received some random e-mails from some random boy named Jimmy, apparently from Ashburn, he had no idea who i am nor i know who he was:

His first email:
Subject: oh how thee see the light upon the rocks that sink the ground.
Msg: I wear black socks...

My first reply: do i.

His 2nd email:
the sun lights the moon
Msg: my jeans keep ripping from the heal of my shoes.

My 2nd reply:
Subject: sunlight makes me paranoid at noon
Msg: you should really hem them if you choose.

His 3rd email:
Subject: A cave may be the solution
Msg: Perhaps I should just wear knickers.

My 3rd reply:
Subject: Your solution is just a temporary situation
Msg: Hmm.. I want a snack, perhaps Snickers.

Wednesday, 23 February 2005

Notes From the Underground v9

NOTES FROM THE UNDERGROUND v9: A selection of Northeast American Videos: Shana Moulton + Paperrad + Hilary Harp and Suzy Silver + Meeken and Negrey + Desiree Holman // World Premier of Henry Fletcher’s Aritst In Residence short film "HoteL" // Performance by Ulysses Castellanos + Henri Faberge and The Adorables @ The Drake Hotel (1150 Queen Street W. - 416.531.5042)

So much for low profiling, Merckeda rang me last minute and asked me if i wanted to go see Henri's screening.. i couldn't resist and i went. The evening started off a series of short videos from the states: PaperRad, "The Happiest Day" by Hilary Harp & Suzy Silver, but the most rememberable and my favourite series of the nite was by Shana Moulton.

After a long wait, Henri finally arrived in his technicolour striped shirt complimenting by a blue striped tie and white/beige striped socks. He informed us that he's been drinking tequila since 5am that morning and has lost 4 days worth of work, so the screening tonite would have been the first rough cut. "Hotel" is a dectectivesque film set in the 60s, all shot at The Drake Hotel whilst Henri was Artist in Residence for the month of January. Despite that it was only the first rough cut, it was very well shot. I can't wait to see the finished product!

Ulysses Castellanos was an interesting character, a performance artist, also current Artist in Residence. His set had 3 sets of videos of himself around the venue, a bubble machine, a shopping cart like wheel chair, a huge wired heart with balloons. He stood on the chair, told the audience sexual stories and trying to smash the chair and balloons with an axe. Hmmm.. i'm not sure how i felt about that performance...

At around 11:30pm, Henri Faberge & The Adorables hit the stage.. the drunken Henri, the rockin' Gargamel jumping off stage, knocking microphones.. all too drunk, all too fun.. shall repeat again next week as the band practice at the Embassy.

Monday, 21 February 2005

Exhibition: Eamon MacMahon

Hidden Door: Eamon MacHahon @ Pikto (
55 Mill Street, Bldg. 59 - 103, 416.203.3443)

I've always love Pikto, it's a cute photo gallery/cafe/workshop in the Distillery District. I find it very inspiring and motivating everytime i go there. Steve invited me to the closing of the show tonite. The show was awesome. The 3 panaroma compositions were excellent. The pix from the flyer above is one of my favourites from this exhibit. Long exposure on a night with the palm trees and the colours are amazing, it had an luminosity quality to set a in an atmostpheric mood. I'm inspired, i'm investing in a Holga at the end of the year!

I know i haven't wrote in my blog since the new years.. i'll do a big update on all the shows and films i've been to in the next few. There have been lots of partying, met lots of good people and new friends.. but it's getting a bit too much, no offense (if anyone of you reading, i heart you all), think i'm going to stay low for the next little while. nite xox

Thursday, 17 February 2005

Gig 15: Les Georges Leningrad / Pony Da Look / Aidswolf

Les Georges Leningrad // Pony da Look // Aidswolf @ XPACE (303 Augusta, Toronto)

XPACE is a newishly gallery in Kensington Market ran by the lovely student union of my former school - OCAD. We arrived to the venue shortly after 9pm, there was already a small number of people chilling outside the venue. Doors finally openned at 9:30pm, we entered the tiny but white narrow spacious XPACE, local artzies, hipsters, scenesters began flooding the venue by 10pm. Egad, spotted Hannah Sung interviewing the guy from Les Georges Leningrad for The NewMusic.She is such a scenester!! *roll eyes*

Aidswolf was on first. Bodies agmonst bodies packed circling the little space around the performers. Aidswolf put on an amazing high-energy show that rocked everyone. You can see photos at Kid with Camera's site. (pssh.. i'm in photo 1, teehee). Pony da Look was the next one on.. Oh dear Lord, due to the tall people, i couldn't see their performance at all. i honestly thought it was a man reading off a medieval scripture! Despite overheard a few guys saying the girls in this band supposedly to look really hott, i didn't like their set at all. ARGH! After a long wait, Les Georges Leningrad finally came on, the band all dressed in costumes, it was fantastic! The keyboardist was in a wrestling mask, the singer was in a fantastic halter black with bright coloured polka dots, the drummer had nothing but funfur leopord hot pants with a huge skull belt buckle. I danced through their set.. corner of my eye spotted Chris Murphy from Sloan standing behind me. It was a good nite.
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