Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Life: Fucking Toronto Streetcar Tracks! Damn you!!!!

So i've been in Canada for a week now. It went by pretty quick. My flight was a bit of a nightmare, after my long bus ride overnight to Heathrow to find out that my flight was delayed 2 hours. I had an annoying couple sitting beside me, okay, they were actually nice but one of those who really wants a conversation but having no sleep at all the night before, i just wanted to sleep. The husband also had to get up every hour to the loo, once i get into Toronto 2 hours later than expected, i slept the entire day/night. Good thing we've pushed Thanksgiving dinner til the day after.

Our infamous Orphans' Thanksgiving Cycle 6 was pretty good. We made our usual apple/leek stuffing, we had procuitto wrapped caramlised figs for starters, butternut squash soup with coconut and lime, a roasted chestnut wild rice pilaf with promegrante, watercress salad with maple carmalised walnuts, blue cheese and figs. We had a 12 lbs roasted turkey with sage, along with French green beans with caramlised shallots. Of course, last but not least, i made my marriage-proposing infamous apple pie! I try to change it up a bit every year, this year i put a bit of herb de province in it.

The week went by quickly, i pretty much ran out of things to do including my favourite vintage shops (the owners remembered me, and asked why i haven't been to their stores, can still manage to get my usual discount). Also went to book sale at University College, Dance Cave on Friday and got hit on by 12 year olds! Went to visit my old work. Everything is expensive now except for eating out. Did manage to have a list of food stuff checked off my list so far:

• Goldstone - Chinese BBQ - Roasted Duck and Rice
• Sushi on Bloor - Sushi pizza, seaweed salad, crunchy roll, shitake tempura
• Thumbs Up - Korean Pork Bone Soup
• Future's Cafe - Cheesecakes!
• Saving Grace - My favourite brunch place despite we waited 1.5 hours before we got seated, it was worth it.

On Monday, i bought a bike off Craigslist. She is beautiful, hot pink folding shopper/cruiser much like my Bianca in London but bigger. Her tires were a bit flat and the gears need a tune up, she was only $100 CDN. I named her Beyoncè.

The week i first landed the weather was lovely, it was in early 20s, mid 10s. The weekend got a lot colder this week, and blimey, it even snowed today!! This afternoon, I rode about 10 mins my hands were freezing. The wind was so vicious, i might as well cycle backwards. It fell to -2C. Like WTF??

Tonight, as i was going to meet a friend at Horseshoe to see White Lies (they were playing in a tiny tiny venue here for free instead of sold out shows in London), i had a bike accident. My wheel got stuck with the streetcar (cable car) tracks and lost my balance and i wiped out BIG TIME. Good thing there wasn't any traffic at the time. A cyclist couple immediately came to my rescue. I forgot how nice Canadians were! A worker from American Apparel saw what happened and was accommodating enough to let me into the store offered me some water, to use the phone and to keep warm whilst i waited for my friend to pick me up. I'm okay but pretty hurt, scrapped both my knees (one was already injured in the summer from the attack), will be limping for the next couple of days, also i would definitely need to see a dentist ASAP. Wonder if my travel insurance will cover? My right side of the lip is pretty swollen too, totally sexy. People cycle differently here compared to London, i was applying my London cycling knowledge but totally forgot about those damn TTC Streetcar tracks which was the exact fit to my wheel which i was also getting used to my new bike. I guess no ballet tomorrow night.

I hate to be back, it does not feel like home any more.
Miss you all.

ps. Pasta Hut is still Pizza Hut here, so far.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Fashion: I'm a winner!

I never win anything from any random draw competition. But to my surprise on this Monday morning, I won the awesome watch and tee from Vestal, via! Retail worth $238USD!

Fairaway Watch
The Fairway, at first glance, appears to be more than just a watch. It's an accessory. As powerful as this image might be, we assure you, it goes with anything and fits anyone. One of our most requested timepieces.

CASE: Stainless Steel/Swarovski Stones
BAND: Steel Expansion/Swarovski Stones
CRYSTAL: Solid Mineral
MOVEMENT: Standard 3 Hands

Chelsea T-Shirt
Slim-Fit Scoop-Neck T Screenprinted and Softened by a Discharge Process.

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