Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sychronised Travel Experiment

Time: 9:34 EST
Location: Royal Bank of Canada, King Street West & Crawford, Toronto
Sychronised Travel Partner: Hamish

1) The first stage is your starting point.

We initially had to pick a similar location. Apparently there's a RBC near Farringdon. My starting point was the closest location of Royal Bank of Canada.

2) Walk in any direction for 50 to 100 paces, and then turn 180 degrees.

I walked north on Crawford. There was miles of nothingness and it was mostly residential, so I walked further than 100 paces just passed Adelaide then thought I went too far. When I turned around I found these two chairs tied to some yellow plastic. Later to realised further down there was a man who has just placed another set of chairs with a sign "DO NOT PARK HERE".

3) Continue walking in that direction until you see something blue.

Upon seeing the chairs, I turned slight right at an intersection. Something blue immediately caught my eye. (Okay, so if I have to stretch it, every car that was parked on the street has a blue Discover Ontario license plate. But I thought to dig deeper, or larger object...)

4) Make a left turn and walk 50 to 70 paces.

I made a left turn upon seeing the blue Beetle, continuing on the little street. I came upon this cleaning advertisement on a lamp post.

5) Walk in any direction until you see something that either is or looks like the number 7 or 11.

I continued walking on Walnut, then I hit, what do you know! A 7-11!

6) Take the first left, and continue walking until you find somewhere to sit.

I turned left onto Queen St W, I stopped in front of Clafouti's. Okay, so I also wanted a fig croissant and a coffee from here as well. One of my favourite bakeries in Toronto, as I've previously mentioned on here.

7) Choose any direction and walk for 25 to 50 paces.

8) Continue walking until you see an unusual colour, shape or texture. Turn 180 degrees.

I chose to walk from the same direction I've came from, 180 degree turn. Here, I cheated, I've combined 7) and 8). At exactly 70 pace, I stopped, there wasn't anything in front of me that were interesting but I noticed an alley way on my right. I always love alley ways and secret tunnels and such. The gated wire caught my eye, also along with the texture of the brick, the skeleton of the staircase and the glimspe of sunshine. Photographically, it was perfect. So I've decided to combine the two here.

9) Keep walking in any direction until you see an archway or an unusual architectural feature.

I turned 90 degree to my right, back onto Claufouti's, then to my left is the gate to Trinity Bellwoods park – the home of the Abino White Squirrel. Also, where I had numerous picnics and midnight brown paperbags with friends amongst my summers in Toronto. The gate is too beautiful not to notice and it's perfect for 9).

10) Head for home, but continue looking for something that catches your eye.

I was planning to go to my sister's place but instruction said to go home, so I did. I passed by one of the galleries on Ossington and this was its window display. As I was viewing these photos later, I finally noticed my lens was smudged but actually has created an interesting slight blurry effect to my photos, a bit of instant DIY lomography!


I enjoyed this little adventure very much. It was a gorgeous warm morning and the air was crisp. It was lovely to walk around the city, it was early enough to have a bit of morning travel, not too many people, very serene. I'm still shocked at how clean it was. And the idea of someone across the Atlantic Ocean is also experiencing the same adventure at the same time is appealing. I remember one similar experience where a friend and I decided to watch the same movie at different country then would ring up each other and talk about it. It's like you're living parallel lives at that same moment.

When I figure out how to map out my route via google, I'll re-post the link.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

In-Flight Safety: Westbound

This week has been quite shitty at work, perhaps it's the pressure before Sue's and my holiday. The day suddenly got busy with the Riverside job but I had to rush out of work. I still needed to run some errands at M&S as I've forgotten to bring the open-toe pantyhose for the wedding.

I rushed out the door at 15:40 heading to Hammersmith. My luggage were heavy and London was exceptionally hot for October. The Picadilly tube was quite packed, the man beside me was practically stepping on my shoe and wouldn't budge moving over slightly. I was annoyed. I rang Hamish and we talked for a bit. Kind of made me didn't want to leave London but I needed this break. I needed to get away.

I arrived at Terminal 3 at exactly 17:05. I love the notion of traveling somewhere. I love airports and train stations. I went to one of these check-in machines, and got my luggage tag. Checked in my leopard suitcase and headed upstairs for Departure. Passing customs was a breeze. Time for my favourite part – Duty Free Shopping! No expensive purchase this time at Gucci, though should have checked out the Bayswater bag from Mulberry. I bought the Clinque 3-steps travel-size kit, some makeup from MAC and the YSL touche eclat. I purchased a bottle of sparkling water from Starbucks and headed to Gate 30, the gate was closing as I arrived.

I sat by the window of K29. I could see the wing. The guy sat beside me had a heavy Canadian accent, almost forgot how that sounded like – friendly, eh. We waited for a few moments before we were to fly out. Perhaps it was the pressure of the plane (but we haven't took off yet?) or the bottle has simply been dropped onto the floor, for some reason, when I opened it, it sprayed all over! I felt terrible, but the guy next seat said was fine. He works for Enwave, and was in London for a conference. We talked about hockey a little.

During the flight, I watched "Away We Go". I love John Kransinski! Then I watched "Slumdog Millionaire", it was as good as I expected. My in-flight meal was a couscous salad with feta cheese, beef stew with potatoes, green beans and pearl onions, dinner roll with butter, an apricot coconut cookie, a bottle of water, tea, and a diet Coke. I was spent after that, but decided to cramp in another film, so I watched "The Proposal". It was better than I expected. I took a quick nap after the film but was woken up by snack time – minted lamb pie. Our flight was 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Craig picked me up from the airport and headed to my sisters. Didn't get to sleep much then had to wake up for the wedding (which I'm too tired to post). I also went to Nuit Blanche (again, I'm too lazy to post). Brilliant photos though, maybe I'll blog those two in my photo blog.
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