Thursday, 8 October 2009

Sychronised Travel Experiment

Time: 9:34 EST
Location: Royal Bank of Canada, King Street West & Crawford, Toronto
Sychronised Travel Partner: Hamish

1) The first stage is your starting point.

We initially had to pick a similar location. Apparently there's a RBC near Farringdon. My starting point was the closest location of Royal Bank of Canada.

2) Walk in any direction for 50 to 100 paces, and then turn 180 degrees.

I walked north on Crawford. There was miles of nothingness and it was mostly residential, so I walked further than 100 paces just passed Adelaide then thought I went too far. When I turned around I found these two chairs tied to some yellow plastic. Later to realised further down there was a man who has just placed another set of chairs with a sign "DO NOT PARK HERE".

3) Continue walking in that direction until you see something blue.

Upon seeing the chairs, I turned slight right at an intersection. Something blue immediately caught my eye. (Okay, so if I have to stretch it, every car that was parked on the street has a blue Discover Ontario license plate. But I thought to dig deeper, or larger object...)

4) Make a left turn and walk 50 to 70 paces.

I made a left turn upon seeing the blue Beetle, continuing on the little street. I came upon this cleaning advertisement on a lamp post.

5) Walk in any direction until you see something that either is or looks like the number 7 or 11.

I continued walking on Walnut, then I hit, what do you know! A 7-11!

6) Take the first left, and continue walking until you find somewhere to sit.

I turned left onto Queen St W, I stopped in front of Clafouti's. Okay, so I also wanted a fig croissant and a coffee from here as well. One of my favourite bakeries in Toronto, as I've previously mentioned on here.

7) Choose any direction and walk for 25 to 50 paces.

8) Continue walking until you see an unusual colour, shape or texture. Turn 180 degrees.

I chose to walk from the same direction I've came from, 180 degree turn. Here, I cheated, I've combined 7) and 8). At exactly 70 pace, I stopped, there wasn't anything in front of me that were interesting but I noticed an alley way on my right. I always love alley ways and secret tunnels and such. The gated wire caught my eye, also along with the texture of the brick, the skeleton of the staircase and the glimspe of sunshine. Photographically, it was perfect. So I've decided to combine the two here.

9) Keep walking in any direction until you see an archway or an unusual architectural feature.

I turned 90 degree to my right, back onto Claufouti's, then to my left is the gate to Trinity Bellwoods park – the home of the Abino White Squirrel. Also, where I had numerous picnics and midnight brown paperbags with friends amongst my summers in Toronto. The gate is too beautiful not to notice and it's perfect for 9).

10) Head for home, but continue looking for something that catches your eye.

I was planning to go to my sister's place but instruction said to go home, so I did. I passed by one of the galleries on Ossington and this was its window display. As I was viewing these photos later, I finally noticed my lens was smudged but actually has created an interesting slight blurry effect to my photos, a bit of instant DIY lomography!


I enjoyed this little adventure very much. It was a gorgeous warm morning and the air was crisp. It was lovely to walk around the city, it was early enough to have a bit of morning travel, not too many people, very serene. I'm still shocked at how clean it was. And the idea of someone across the Atlantic Ocean is also experiencing the same adventure at the same time is appealing. I remember one similar experience where a friend and I decided to watch the same movie at different country then would ring up each other and talk about it. It's like you're living parallel lives at that same moment.

When I figure out how to map out my route via google, I'll re-post the link.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

In-Flight Safety: Westbound

This week has been quite shitty at work, perhaps it's the pressure before Sue's and my holiday. The day suddenly got busy with the Riverside job but I had to rush out of work. I still needed to run some errands at M&S as I've forgotten to bring the open-toe pantyhose for the wedding.

I rushed out the door at 15:40 heading to Hammersmith. My luggage were heavy and London was exceptionally hot for October. The Picadilly tube was quite packed, the man beside me was practically stepping on my shoe and wouldn't budge moving over slightly. I was annoyed. I rang Hamish and we talked for a bit. Kind of made me didn't want to leave London but I needed this break. I needed to get away.

I arrived at Terminal 3 at exactly 17:05. I love the notion of traveling somewhere. I love airports and train stations. I went to one of these check-in machines, and got my luggage tag. Checked in my leopard suitcase and headed upstairs for Departure. Passing customs was a breeze. Time for my favourite part – Duty Free Shopping! No expensive purchase this time at Gucci, though should have checked out the Bayswater bag from Mulberry. I bought the Clinque 3-steps travel-size kit, some makeup from MAC and the YSL touche eclat. I purchased a bottle of sparkling water from Starbucks and headed to Gate 30, the gate was closing as I arrived.

I sat by the window of K29. I could see the wing. The guy sat beside me had a heavy Canadian accent, almost forgot how that sounded like – friendly, eh. We waited for a few moments before we were to fly out. Perhaps it was the pressure of the plane (but we haven't took off yet?) or the bottle has simply been dropped onto the floor, for some reason, when I opened it, it sprayed all over! I felt terrible, but the guy next seat said was fine. He works for Enwave, and was in London for a conference. We talked about hockey a little.

During the flight, I watched "Away We Go". I love John Kransinski! Then I watched "Slumdog Millionaire", it was as good as I expected. My in-flight meal was a couscous salad with feta cheese, beef stew with potatoes, green beans and pearl onions, dinner roll with butter, an apricot coconut cookie, a bottle of water, tea, and a diet Coke. I was spent after that, but decided to cramp in another film, so I watched "The Proposal". It was better than I expected. I took a quick nap after the film but was woken up by snack time – minted lamb pie. Our flight was 15 minutes ahead of schedule.

Craig picked me up from the airport and headed to my sisters. Didn't get to sleep much then had to wake up for the wedding (which I'm too tired to post). I also went to Nuit Blanche (again, I'm too lazy to post). Brilliant photos though, maybe I'll blog those two in my photo blog.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Fashion: Hermès pour Liberty

Clothing: model's own. All accessories: Hermès. Hair & Makeup: model's own.
Stylist: Laura Kay. Photographer: Andrew Meredith. ©2009

Hermès has a temporary pop-up store at Liberty to launch their collaboration – Hermès pour Liberty scarves. There are bunch of in-store events: Scarf Tying workshops, Photo-styling Sessions and Monogramming service. I happened to be at one of the photo-styling session and this is the photo. I was styled and then photographed. The photographer later asked if I was a model. He also commented that I was inspiring to shoot and I take direction well. It has never crossed my mind of being a model but this photograph is magical! My favourite photo ever!

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Culture Vulture September

Last week, I joined as an ICA member. I was far too excited to get my hands on these events in September through advanced sale, and thought it was worth it. Shame that I've only got one ticket to each event, I'd love some company but it's always ending up begging people to go or my friends are too skint.

I've already took advantage of my membership and booked these within the hours, I can't wait for these:

Douglas Coupland on What Words Look Like
Thursday, 3rd September

Douglas Coupland has always been one of my favourite modern writers, not just because he's Canadian. He captures the IT generation quite well, although thought JPod was a bit smug but his characters were always so interesting.

Tuesday, 8th September

I've been waiting to see this documentary for AGES! AGES! A documentary on a typeface! How amazing is that? And best thing was, there was a deal with Douglas Coupland talk, film was discounted! yay!

David Mitchell and Robert Webb on the Death of Television
Friday, 18th September

I love the Peep Show. Thank God for my membership prior tickets, because this show is now sold out! I can't wait for this!

I'm actually quite interested in going to the Joe Sacco talk as well, that's at the end of September. Will decide as the date comes closer.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Film: Coco Avant Chanel *****

It’s Kirsty’s birthday today. Everyone forgot to make or bring their Spanish themed dish for the lunch party we were hosting for her. I was the only one who brought a dish – Gazpacho (will post recipe tomorrow). So, boss decided we all go out for lunch instead. We went to the local café, which serves both English and Thai food. The owner Richard is English, they make excellent builder breakfast and a good strong cuppa, his wife is Thai, and she makes authentic delicious Thai curries. The lunch was good, but I was quite annoyed that it has totally blown my budget for the week with the present, my hour off for not working and ingredients to make the gazpacho for the entire office.

I had to waste time at Westfield before going to the Barbican screening for “Coco avant Chanel” at 20:45. Bad idea. Sales on and not feeling great = retail therapy. To pay respect to Chanel screening, I dressed up Chanel-esque – I had my hair up, red lipa ¾ sleeve thin black and white striped bodycon dress, a black and gold Chanel like tweed jacket and loads of pearls. As I was walking through the mall, I had one of those Carrie Bradshaw moments where one of the strands of the pearl broke. I froze as I watched the faux pearls scattered to the floor like heavy raindrops. It was a tragically beautiful moment. Not quite sure what to do, I was too embarrassed to get on all fours to collect the pearls, the lady next to me who witnessed it not sure what to do neither. She smiled at me as I said, “so… that’s that.” I managed to savage some of the pearls left on the necklace, good thing that I make jewellery I can get extra to make and re-chain it.

***** France. 105 min. Colour 2008. Directed by Anne Fontaine. @ 8:45 pm The Babican Cinema 1 E13.

I arrived just in time at the Barbican as I was a bit late and had to find where Cinema 1 was, it’s a maze that place. The theatre was pretty full, mostly women of course, the Trojan gays, and a few who got dragged along by their girlfriends. The film was absolutely stunning! I’m not saying it because I love French films and Audrey Tautou. The clothes, ahhh the clothes in the film were just stunning, even the young Gabrielle Chanel’s crochet shoulder cape she wore at the orphanage was carefully designed. And of course, Stephen Jones designed all the hats in the film, including Chanel’s first millinery shop. I loved the story of Gabrielle, especially the tragic love affair between Coco and Arthur "Boy" Capel and how she transformed to Coco Chanel. The ending was a bit rushed I thought, everything was quite slow moving leading up to Capel’s car accident then she suddenly she was rolling out fabrics and next thing you know there were models coming off stairs for a fashion show. I must admit too, the models and their hair and make-up were too modern looking. I thought the film was well captured on how she has developed her own sense of style, how she revolutionise fashion in France and the major inspirations to her signature key looks: the Chanel jacket, the stripes, the signature Peter Pan collar black and white dress and of course, and of course, the LBD – the Little Black Dress.

The film made me wonder on the topic on love and marriage, as it was one of the occurring themes. Coco said, "the best part about love is the making love." She vowed that she would marry no one as her mother married because of love, who also later suicided because her father's infidelity and his abandonment of her and her siblings. In her society, marriage was to gain social status, real love was through love affairs. When a couple is in love, does the label of someone's "girlfriend" or "wife" matters? To me it does. Sure, love affair has the attraction of danger, thrill, lust, the unattainable love, the longing and all the other exciting bits. Marriage to me is sacred (I know, I'm old fashion), it's a life time commitment of love. Of course, one doesn't get married to get divorced but at the same time, one shouldn't married for financial and social status gain. Is marriage just a business contract?

One day I'll sleep

I've been insomniac for about two weeks now, or if I finally can sleep I get awaken easily then have trouble falling back to sleep again. Last night, I was so tired after leaving Kirsty's birthday drink but as soon I laid in my bed, I was wide awake until 5:40am after watching the last of "How I Met Your Mother" and many episodes of "30 Rock".

I don't feel present for the past few weeks, my head was elsewhere during work (it's been quite boring anyway but good thing work is slowly flowing in), I haven't run for ages, I've even lost interest in my religious Body Blast.

At yoga, I found myself hard to concentrate although the meditations helped me a lot and I felt much cleansed afterwards. I hope the regular yoga teacher comes back soon, she was more intense. I quite enjoyed the London Bridge one, Norman, but his class was a bit more physically demanding and it's a different type of yoga than I'm used to.

I need something inspiring and exciting.

I had a good day today though, made some bacon and eggs for breakfast with toast and my perfect cup of cappuccino made from my favourite Italian Moka Press – complete with foamed hot milk and sprinkling of cocoa and cinnamon. Then I cleaned my room a bit, have to seriously sort out my closet, did about half and gave up. It was surprisingly sunny today, thought it was a waste to spend indoors cleaning – okay, so it was really procrastination – I grabbed my tartan picnic mat and went to the park to finish reading "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I thought it was an appropriate book when I took it along to my trip to Budapest, though the book was set in Germany but it was based on the Second World War and the Holocaust. It was a lovely story, I had to hold back my tears a bit towards the end. I always enjoy reading the last bit of a novel the most, and how you let out a big sigh after finish reading the last sentence of the book. Wonder what I should read next?

It's pretty late now, I should attempt to go to bed. I had some Valarian tea, I feel tired but not sleepy. Tomorrow I shall go to the Barbican and will be watching "Coco Before Chanel", I'm quite excited and been looking forward for this film for a while.

Nite. x

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Film: Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country

****1/2 Norway/Sweden/Denmark/UK. 84 min. Colour 2008. Directed by Anders Østergaard. @ 6:30 pm ICA Cinema 1.

Many of you know that I love documentaries. I appreciate documentary films because it has a message and it is made with love — whether the message is meant to be propaganda or not, many documentaries are made with little or no budget with maximum time and efforts. "Burma VJ: Reporting from a Closed Country" is a documentary based on DVB's (does not stands for David Victoria Beckham here, Democratic Voice of Burma aka Burma VJ) Burma VJ's footage on the monks rebellion in 2007.

The film made me appreciate the life I have here and how important freedom is. Burma has been dictated by a military for more than 40 years. The people have been living in fear since. Foreign news crews were banned, the internet was shut down, and Burma was closed to the outside world. DVB found a way to broadcast and leak news footage to the rest of the world via internet. These VJs risk their lives and the chances of being caught in exchange for the journalistic spirit of reporting the truth to the world.

This documentary had me at the edge of my seat holding back to shout "GO MONKS!" until the monks were beaten and disappeared overnight. Hurting the innocent is one thing but violating a religious figure, the military is going straight to hell. Wait, they don't believe in hell do they? I wonder what happened if the monks only asked for the fuel prices to be dropped rather than involving politically to free Aung San Suu Kyi? Would the military stood its place or rather meet the demands little by little? And I wonder why no other countries are willing to help out? What about the UN? Can't they do something? Basically, the entire country is in hostage, most of the country has banned tourists and foreigners to enter, it's tough for business without foreign trade. The two rebellions (1962 and 2007) at least gave the Burmese a glimpse of hope that it will happen. They'll just have to stick to their guts and have their voices heard. If you wish enough, your dream will come true. One day.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cooking: Szechuan Spicy Chilli Garlic Poached Pork

Recently, Candy discovered this amazing authentic Chinese restaurant near Spitalfield Market. It's called "My Old Place" (88 Middlesex Street London E1 7EZ), a sister restaurant of infamous Gourmet San of Bethnal Green Road. One must order a couple skewers of the cumin lamb kebab and a few cumin chicken wings for starters. As for main course, I highly recommend this dished called "水煮肉", I forgot what it was called in English, will re-post when I go there again. This dish is a traditional Szechuan dish, it's usually beef, pork or fish poached by stock, then poured over Chinese miso (spicy bean paste) and veggies, also topped off with fried garlic, chilli and spices.

We've been so addicted to this restaurant, I've re-discovered my love for Chinese food and how much I miss it. It has inspired me to make my own version at home and I would love to share this recipe with you. I've used pork here but you can substitute with beef, fried tofu, firm tofu or boneless firm white fish.

Serves 1

1 Shoulder Pork Chop, slice thinly against the grain
4 Leaves of Chinese Cabbage, slice into 1" pieces
3 tbsp of Spicy/Chilli Bean Paste (available in Chinese supermarkets)
1 Small Red Chilli, sliced (if you like it spicy, leave the seeds in)
1 tsp of Chilli pepper flakes (or dried crushed chilli)
2 Cloves of Garlic, chopped (not minced)
5 Slices of Ginger
1 Spring/Green Onion, sliced thinly
1 Small bowl of stock (I made from chicken stock cube and boiling water)
5 Whole White Peppercorn (or Black)

1. Marinate the pork slices with a dash of dark soy and a sprinkle of sugar.

2. Heat 1 tbsp of Spicy Bean Paste in a medium saucepan over medium heat, cook for a minute until fragrant, add the bowl of stock. Boil it then turn down the heat to a bubbling simmer. Add peppercorn.

3. Cook the Chinese cabbage until soften. On the side, prepare a bowl and fill it with the remaining spicy bean paste. When the cabbage is cooked then fish it out and lay on top of the bean paste in the bowl.

4. Add spring onion or "salad onion" as the Brit calls them here to the stock. Use the stock then to poach the meat until fully cooked. Your stock should be a little thicker now, pour everything into the bowl

5. Heat a couple tbsp of olive oil over medium heat, add sliced ginger, cook for a bit, then add chopped garlic, chilli and the chilli flakes. Don't go too close now it'll burn your eyes! Fry everything until fragrant and garlic looks crisp, not burnt.

6. Pour this spicy mixture with the hot oil over the bowl of poached meat. Mix everything in the bowl before you eat. Served with a big bowl steamed jasmine rice.

Note: If you're a bit of a wimp when it comes to spiciness, then don't use the red chilli at all and cut down on the chilli flakes by 1/2. Of course, different brand of spicy bean paste has different level of heat, so I suggest to taste it to test the heat before you're using it by the spoonfuls.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Theatre: Samuel Beckett's "Not I"

When: Tuesday, 7 July, 2009 @ 1930
Where: The Purcell Room, South Bank Centre: 2009 London Literature Festival

I love Samuel Beckett. Waiting for Godot was one of the plays I’ve read in high school that I didn’t hate and I still love it to this day. I recently saw the play again at The Theatre Royal Haymarket starred Ian McKellen and Patrick Stewart. Despite it was the most elaborate stage production of Beckett I’ve seen, it was also the best production of this play I’ve seen mainly because of the actors.

Tonight, I attended the evening of Samuel Beckett’s Not I performed by Lisa Dwan as part of the London Literature Festival at Southbank Centre. Full house. It was the most intensive nine minutes and forty-seven seconds of theatrical experience in my life! To make the Purcell Room pitch dark, black curtains was laid throughout the space, and a sole spotlight was on “the mouth” exactly eight feet from the stage. Lisa Dwan began her monologue at the speed of thought.

The play concluded with a Q&A session chaired by Michael Conevey, unfortunately due to illness, Billie Whitelaw couldn’t be present; a taped interview was shown instead. As always, Beckett had extreme specific stage direction and the length of each “.”, “..” and “…”, which was heavily guarded and monitored, by Beckett’s estate. The actresses must have “white voice” meaning — they should not “act”. “The mouth” must not move away from the light, a discipline that can only be achieved by physical restraint. Whitelaw had herself strapped; Dwan had a pair of tights, blindfolded and had her ears blocked. Whitelaw compared performing the piece to "falling backwards into hell"; Dwan says it is like driving the wrong way down a motorway without any brakes. Whitelaw being heavily coached by Beckett himself, has passed on all his and her notes to Dwan — the “Not I” legacy passes on.

Having done a bit of research about this play, I had a slight idea what I was getting into but had no idea I would be blown away by the performance. I’ve tried to read the play; it was impossible how anyone could remember word per word and dots by dots. I appreciate the performance even more after the Q&A session and the length the actresses had to go through for it. It was also an interesting concept of thoughts out-loud. A verbal stream of conscience —scattered yet alert. I’m very intrigued to read and see other Beckett plays now.

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Cooking: Life's Little Luxury

As most of you know, I love food. Nothing is better than a simple yet luxurious brunch on a late Sunday morning. Scrambled eggs with truffles served on buttered toast. Simple, honest yet luxurious. It's definitely life's little luxury.

Truffles I bought from the Central Market in Budapest.

Shave a few pieces of truffle into 2 beaten eggs and a dash of milk and then a dash of cream. This is not the time to be skimp on the cream here, live a little, be Nigella! Season a little here if you wish, or you can do so later. Melt butter in heated pan over medium heat, pour egg mixture into pan, swirl around with spatula. Don't over cook it as the heat in pan and egg will continue cooking when you plate it.

Served over some buttered toast and voilà!

Wait, has anyone seen my Sunday crosswords?

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Fashion: Matthew Williamson For H&M

Having such a bad week, I've completely forgot about the launch of Matthew Williamson for H&M. He's one of my favourite designers and glad to see a British Designer on the international map, I've always love his vibrant prints. I really wanted the cobalt blue suit but I was two days late to the Regent Street flagship store, only to find the trousers and all in enormous size 40. The above 3 outfits are the best ones in my opinion. I wouldn't mind the leather jacket, the silk dress is stunning but at £199, it's too much for H&M (I can buy a real Burberry evening dress for that amount at my Hackney outlet). The peacock dress looks great on screen and in magazine, but it's tricky how the print looks in person, I think this dress will be first to be sold out.

I went to check on the other location today to try my luck if there is the print scarf left. The scarf would actually be my first choice, since I'll be going to a designer sample sale on Thursday, I rather spend my money there. When I arrived the Kensington store, I immediately spotted the Matthew Williamson rack. The £150 sequin dress was there but in a size 42, there was also the silk jumpsuit and the short version of the silk dress and then I spotted my scarf. There was already a lady at the rack just took off the cyan peacock cardigan, I immediately grabbed the scarf. The print is the same as the silk dresses above. It was only £15, 100% pure silk, designer print – a bargain! Score! I love it!

P.S. I've exceeded my 20km goal of Running for April (I ran 21km)! Body Blast tomorrow!

Friday, 24 April 2009

Old Lover, Office & Flatmates Massacre

It's been a shit week.

It all started in the weekend when I met him for lunch and then it all went downhill from there. I don't know what it was, I didn't have good vibes from him for the past week. I'm hoping it was his work related stress and not because he didn't want to see me. I pushed slightly on the subject on he slots me in again for being his last stop before going home and his "last minuteness" – again, I'm being the "tag on". It's not going to change is it? Seriously, why do I even bother? I'm contemplating on ending the friendship again.

At work, I had to deal with demanding annoying clients (aren't they always the case?), it was too busy, work has called in extra help to ease my work load. I've been so overwhelmed with my own thoughts, I couldn't be creative, I just wanted to do my brain-dead artworking tasks without dealing with other people. On top of all, my colleague decided to listen to HEART FM ALL WEEK!!! I decided to be anti-social and wore my headphones to listen to my normal LBC talk radio. Ugh!

The night of the office massacre climax, Nat broke my port glass. I've only used them once. A pair, now just one left. I've lost it. I admit that I took it out on her a bit, I shouted at her, I completely lost my cool. "It's not my fault." Then who's is it? So it's MY fault that I like buying nice things for my flatmates to break? Money wasn't the issue here, the items were irreplaceable anyway, it's the fact that she's NEVER made any attempt to replace the things she's broke of mine. It's a matter of principle.

I met up with an old lover last night, he was in town on tour. I showed up to the venue unannounced, he was surprised to see me as he didn't know I was still living in London. He's still fat, he aged a bit, still crazy, still my monkey yet still married. We went for dinner at a Vietnamese place in Camden (surprisingly good and decently priced). He thought I looked fit. We reminisced our past meetings and such, he told me he's a lot different now. I questioned if he's more domestic, and if any kids are on the way. He choked. He asked if I have a boyfriend. He couldn't see any reason why I'm still single. Post dinner, he had things to do before the show, so I let him be. The show was great, high energy and the venue was packed, the crowd was rough but they were into it. We made plans to meet up afterwards as he planned to party out but my friend and I couldn't wait around. Waiting around is lame enough, it was a bit cold, I was still feeling shitty and had to work the next day. I was rude and left without saying goodbye.

Had the mistake of coming home instead of going to Oxford to see him again. I was still feeling foul and couldn't be bothered dragging myself all the way up to Oxford to wait around again, so I thought perhaps to treat myself with some retail therapy and a nice dinner – a big fat steak with frîtes and aöli followed by Gü chocolate pod. Yum. I was hoping to be alone, but the other flatmate was home, so I went out for a run instead. As I came back and started to prepare dinner, she confronted me about the other night about the port glass. She addressed that what I said to Nat was inappropriate. I said it wasn't her first time breaking my things and not attempting to replace them. She said it was no one's fault, she just opened the door, and said it could have been her own fault as she pushed the other cups to the side. Fine, it's no one's fault but mine because I bought the glass and no matter how you calculate, I'm still at loss here (Eckhart Tolle wouldn't be pleased – I'm re-reading A New Earth again, I just read the chapter on possession and ego... aghhhhh). She also said that I have no right to make Nat feel uncomfortable in her own home, as if they have the right to break my things and making me uncomfortable in my own home too. She has spoiled my appetite. I stormed up to my room and cried and cried and cried...

I hate living with people, I've never lived with other people before until I've moved to London. I know I'm quite uptight about having things a certain way, I like buying nice things and kitchen gadgets and my absolute hatred of mould. I can't wait to buy my own place, hopefully I can do so by the end of the year.

I'm hungry, I want my steak.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Body Blasting

Check out my little Nike+ Mini on the right, who would have thought I'll be working out?! Exercise has never existed in my dictionary, but I find myself loving it. I now have Ballet on Mondays, Wednesday is Body Blast and any spare days I can find will be running. Usually try to squeeze both Saturday and Sunday for runs. My goal is to train for a 10K run this year.

Been having trouble with my right knee since the Toronto bicycle accident (then fell on the same knee a few months later), my ballet teacher Kim said "tighten up that knee!" Ouch! I couldn't. Knee brace is my friend.

Loving the Body Blast class at Notting Hill Sweaty Betty, my trainer Shibohan is hilarious and very motivating. "Summer's coming up girls, no more batwings!" Body Blast is a circuit based class designed to combine muscle toning exercises with core conditioning and postural alignment. The class is a combination of challenges designed to strengthen, lengthen and redefine the body. After the first class, my whole body including my buttocks were hurting but you feel really good.

I feel empowered after exercising. I cannot control someone to like me but at least I can be the boss of my own body.
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