Thursday, 30 November 2006

Becoming British: Part II

For the first time I'm actually impressed with Canada Post. Okay, so i paid $9 for my Xpress Post (that's including a signature $1.50 extra) yesterday, and I've been informed today that my passport/document package has arrived to the British Embassy in Ottawa safely!

I've finally completed the one-two-three steps to apply for my holidaymaker visa. Now I just have to wait 10 business days for the processing. This is what it's going to kill me, it's the wait. It possibly could take longer, as it's closer to the holidays, hopefully not. What if they reject me?? I'm thinking any possible ways they could have reject me, I can't think of much... I'm not sure what the turnover rate is and if they have a limit of how many visas they're entitled to give out each year. They don't recommend to book flight until visa has been issued. ARGH but the Air Canada seat sale ends tomorrow night!!

I should book it anyway, if not i'll just take a vacation in Europe, then come back and start a new life...

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