Friday, 5 January 2007

R.I.P. Malaco!!

It's a bad omen. What a bad start for the new year!

I had another bad omen dream before the holidays and it sorta became true.( *sigh* I've given up any hope on that one for now.) Even though 13 is my favourite number and so forth, in a way, I'm superstitious sorta in more of an intuitive way. For instance, if something leaves me a bad feeling in my mouth, it usually will be true and it's not the good truth. Hmm.. I dunno. Damn Chinese superstitions can be creepy though! Many Feng Shui fanatics believe that this is just an old wives tale, but amongst the Chinese, we believe fish brings good luck and represents fertility. So when a fish dies, it represents something bad was supposedly happen to the owner but the fish "absorbs the bad luck" and sacrified itself instead. Not very reassuring for someone who is about to make a huge change in her life eh? Yeah... EEP!

My purple/red betta fish named Malaco (named after the company who makes Swedish gummy fish) of 3 years has been ill, he was given to me from a dear friend, Ryan, couple years ago as my birthday present. Betta fish's lifespan is 2-5 years. Recently, Malaco has been hanging out at the bottom of the bowl and lost appetite for food. I goggled up the interweb that he might be suffering from depression?! Fish does that? That they might starve themselves to death. Also been noticing that his fin has been shrinking as well, might have indicated that he was suffering from an infection...

I was suppose to be seeking potential new parent(s) for him but instead when I got home an hour ago, I found him completely flipped over on his back but didn't float up on top like a dead fish suppose to do. Instead of his normal red/purple colour, his body was pale and turned almost white. When I tapped on the bowl and swirled around it a bit, Malaco had shown no reaction and had no sign of breathing.

When Malaco first got sick, Amy has been consoling me that maybe he knows that his owner is leaving. I dunno. I don't deal well with deaths. I certainly don't want to flush him down the toilet. I might "free" him tomorrow to the pond in the park across from my house tomorrow morning. Returning it back to nature is the best way I can think of doing right now...


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