Saturday, 26 November 2011

Photography: First Shots

Photography is something I've always aspired to learn and love. I know nothing about cameras (even though I'm quite technology savvy) and lighting. As a graphic designer, what we know is good composition and art direction which helps with my lacking photographic skills I suppose. Any willing photography teacher, please apply within!

Below are some of my photographs from my recent holiday. What do you think?

The Big Apple. New York City

The Soho Building. Soho, New York City

Parsons. Union Square, New York City.

Urban Jungle, view from The High Line.
Meat Packing District, New York City.

Salle Wilfred-Pelletier, Place des Arts. Montréal, Canada

Place des Arts. Montréal, Canada

Toronto Eaton Centre. Toronto, Canada



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CallieK said...

I've always thought you have a good eye with your camera. It's easy to learn about lighting, and editing techniques (especially for someone as used to using tools as you are) But I don't think you can teach composition as easily - it's one of those things you either have an eye for or you don't, and you definitely do!

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