Friday, 1 July 2005

NHS + 3AM Swim Thefting + Daiquiris

Ninja High School // Tradition // The Lava Witch (James Anderson?) // Veru Venuto @ Riot House 285 1/2

We're Going Home in a Fucking Ambulance
It was sooo hott! Amy and I arrived at the Riot House at almost midnight after chilling at her ACed apartment watching Almost Famous all evening. We missed all the bands because we were mostly chilled out on the patio until Ninja High School. This is what i love about NHS.. they're absolutely fun and great to see live, always end up a fun dance party and shout-abouts with topless indie boys! haha! This night was no exception, the living room was PACKED when we got downstairs, everyone was sweating and started to take their shirts off after a few songs. Everyone's sweat was everyone's. it was gross. There was a dance-off and i joined but didn't know who won. Amy quickly parted after the show as we went back up to the roof but i wanted a NHS tee so i went downstairs. Greg Collins asked me if i were going swimming. I said no because i wasn't dressed for it, he said "Who cares, it would be fun!" I told him I'll go but i have to go upstairs to get my bag.. also grabbed along Thomas and Steve to join us for swimming.

Swim Thefting
Greg Collins, Brendan, Amy (Heart On), Trevor, Steve, Thomas, Emily, Micha and Chris, all went to Alexandra Park Pool (Dundas & Bathurst). Ryan also joined us. I sucked. For the love of me, i couldn't climb over the fence, so Micha, Steve and Chris helped carried me over the fence. If we get busted, i'll be the only one who gets arrested since i couldn't climb over the fence! haha! I striped down to my undies and went into the pool. It was so refreshing! I did felt a bit awkward being half-naked in front of these people i didn't really know. haha we dipped around a bit then most of the people were starting to get cold, so we got dressed (thank god for the extra NHS tee i bought) and we all headed to Emily's.

Strawberry Daiquiris
As we were leaving the pool, Amy got a phone call from her roommate who informed her the Christie pool got busted. On route we bumped into Leanda, Chris and Wolfgang, they lot joined us to go to Emily's. I had the chance to finally ask Wolfgang about if he was the Wolfgang at Badly Drawn Boy years ago when he first played Lee's Palace. Oh what a small world! Damon sang the name song to us, we were thinking all these years it couldn't possible to have someone actual real name as Wolfgang! Emily made us stawberry daiquiris and offered us donuts and Pringles. Pix from the nite are here. Steve and i left at 4:45am and i got home at 7am. Ooer!!!

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