Monday, 13 February 2006

Fresh Start for a New Year

Wavelength 300: Henri Faberge + The Adorables // Ninja High School // The Secret Handshake // The Phonemes // DJ Davy Love @ Sneaky Dee's: 431 College St2

Pre-show King Crown Nachos + Poutine + Pitcher Beer
It sucked that i had to work today but i rather go into work then have to come in extra early tomorrow since i'll be staying out late with the Wavelength 300 festivities. After work, i went to browse at Chapters for a bit to look for present for Mike and to browse some tour guide books. Met up with Paul at around 8 at the Dees, we ordered King Crown Nachos and a poutine, Sef arrived. We were sooooo full...

Wavelength 300
It was nice to be out and see all the people again. I miss them y'know. I hope there was no hard feelings. The Phonemes was very twee-pop. Their poppier songs are very catchy where the "slower" were a little less-entertaining. The Secret Handshake was not my regular cup of tea, a little on the heavy side, but they were definitely entertaining. Ninja High School of course ended up all going home in a fucking ambulance. During the set, Kalin spotted me in the front of the stage and pulled me up onstage and danced, it was quite the mayhem. In between set, the greatest thing happened. A miracle really. I've had trouble with this very good friend for about 7 months, we stopped speaking to each other. His friendship meant a lot to me, but we were both too stubborn for our own good to let our guards down. His girlfriend approached me and tried to mediate, shortly after he came over, we hugged and we told each other how we missed each other. I truely missed him but i'm very, very happy that we patched things up, it really means a lot to me... only got to stay for 1.5 songs for Henri Faberge, but i had an excellent night... one down, one more to go...

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