Friday, 25 August 2006

The Bluetones Slight Return?!

I was reading this week's EYE on my way home just now. I spotted this tiny, tiny ad on the Emerge section. I freaked out, Noooooo it cannot be true!, I thought to myself. I must be reading it wrong.

The Bluetones
October 6 // Lee's Palace // TM RT SS

I had to resist myself from screaming on the bus, I'm soooooooooooo excited about this! Last time I saw them was prolly 10 years ago. I remember I saw them at the Opera House a week after I visited Julian in NJ/NYC and he sent me a The Bluetones stir-stick and napkins from their NYC show. Wow! That show was from the Expecting to Fly album from 1996!! Okay, so I'm really dating myself here but OMG this is soooo exciting!!! I was actually going to go to their show when I was in London for some reason I didn't end up going, I forgot why? Prolly was too heart broken... but anyway, I'm not missing them again!


EXPECTING TO FLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know he lives in Montreal now, I wonder if he'll drive here for the show.. hmmmm... but that will be so weird!

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