Sunday, 13 May 2007

Cultural Weekend: The Social, Mosaïques Launch Party, The Crimea at Primrose Hill

Friday: The Social

Jarvis invited me to come down to The Social for a drink. It was also his friend's birthday. I got there around 10:50pm, the cozy bar was loaded with people. Jarvis introduced me to his friends, Zoe and Jenny, they're from Swansea, Wales. Jenny is the birthday girl who works at the V&A. Her boyfriend Simon also works there and also there were a few colleagues of hers at the drink. Zoe and I chatted away, we have lots of crafty interests in common. Her boyfriend Gavin is bandmates with Jarvis, Gavin seems cool. They were all very fun and friendly people. We got kicked out of the bar shortly after 1am. It was pouring outside. Jarvis asked if we could meet up for coffee or lunch sometimes. I said yes. He walked me to my bus stop, he texted me an hour later to see if I got home okay which was very sweet of him...

Saturday: Mosaïques Launch Party

Elodie invited me to the Institut Francais for the launch party of Mosaïques 2007. We missed the screening of Transvylvania due to our lazy arses. The Institut Francais is erected in the posh South Kensington. Apparently that's a French area, stores and even corner store sells French imported things. The Institut is quite big and there's a high school attached to it. We were escorted to the VIP upper section of the theatre for the gig: DJ Click featuring Tziganiada. It was interesting, Balkan music with an electro infusion. The dancer was great. Eventually audience broke off their shells and started to stand up and dance, it was great fun. We went back downstairs for our free drinks. I've never heard of such thing as Vodka & Apple Juice, Elodie insisted that it's THE drink in France. It's actually every nice and refreshing. Due to my sucky alcohol tolerance level on empty stomach, i started feeling a cramp as we were on route to Primrose Hill.

The Crimea at Primrose Hill

We got there around Midnight. The park was huge and it was dark. We climbed the never ending hill following the cheers of the crowd. When we got up to the top of the hill, people were shouting "Andy! Andy! Andy!", and there were quite a crowd there. The Crimea kicked off the launch of their free album (which is available to download for free on their website) with a free gig. Great concept. It reminded me the time that Ninja High School launched their 7" at some park at midnight, I missed that gig. Little did we knew, they've already played a whole set prior to our arrival. We only caught the encore in the end as the police started arriving. The best part was when Andy started playing his guitar along to the pre-recorded Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca". I met Owen's girlfriend, she was lovely. The view on top of the hill was magnificent, you can see the London Skyline. I was caught in the moment and almost had teary eye because I thought Mike was suppose to take me there 2 weeks ago (but was it turned out he was suppose to bring me to Hampstead Heath, which is less posh). Speaking of, I've decided to give myself a break from him for a bit and focus to find work. I've met a few cute guys this week which I have completely forgot they existed because I was so keen on just the one guy! Anyway, after the band packed up their stuff, we then went to a pub called Quinns along Kentish Town, near Davy's. I didn't stay long coz my stomach was still hurting so I went home.

Not sure what I'm doing today. Suppose to play Kickball today but it's pouring outside.

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