Saturday, 18 August 2007

Cooking: Lavender and Lamb by Lam

Lamb with Rosemary, Oregano and Lavender Served with Wild Rice and Mint Yoghurt Sauce.

Even though lavender is popular amongst the French and (few) English baked goods; being a North American, we are mostly exposed to lavender as a fragrance rather than a herb that is used for cooking.

Tonight for dinner, I made pan seared (cast iron, that's the only pan we have in this house) lambchops with a rosemary, oregano and lavender rub (Jamie Oliver style, crushed it all up made a rub), served with wild rice (finally learned how to make rice without a rice cooker! Can't blame me, I'm Chinese!!) and garlic mint yoghurt sauce (garlic, cucumber, mint and lemon zest). It was delicious! I never thought lavender would work but I was inspired by one of the James Martin's recipes I have seen before on his show. It was a lavender and garlic, honey roasted lamb leg. I would definitely like to explore more ways to use with lavender!

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