Monday, 13 August 2007

Introducing... Misty!

Hello to all bike enthusiasts!

Please, any tips & pointers for new cyclist are most welcome!!

I've been eyeing on a bike for a bit after heavy persuasion from MattK and my new flatmate, Richie. I wasn't going to get one initially until I've settled but as I was walking home from Brick Lane, it was end of the day as all other stalls were closing up, a guy and a girl was selling this gorgeous burgundy bike for £25 (I walked around eyeing on it for a bit) and as soon as the guy put up a new sign "Please Buy Misty, Any Offers", i couldn't resist. I offered all my change which i only had £10 on me.

I had to ask why she was selling it, in case Misty was a stolen. Turns out Misty's previous owner (actually lived down the street from mine) has gone back to America so her flatmate is selling Misty for her for anything. Looks like the bike was well cared for, it's in working condition other than the flat tires. There were already loads of compliments when I started to wheel down the street, I got stopped a couple of times if I'm selling it (the sign was still attached) and a group of people on the patio was complimenting on it.

I walked Misty until Columbia Road, then I rode on it for a bit, then got off as I was crossing Hackney Road, then biked along Hackney City Farm, onto Broadway Market but got a bit frightened as cars were passing by. London drivers are CRAZY!!! So i walked her until London Fields and rode until Hackney Central. I haven't been on a bike for YEARS!! I was quite rusty at first, once i got a hang of it i was fine but soooo tiring coz i'm not used to the exercise.

When I got home, Richie examined the bike for me, he said that Raleigh was a very good brand for bikes back in the days. Misty seems to be in good conditions, the break works fine, just needs a change of tires. He tried to pump it but it deflated after an hour, so he recommend me for a lock and go to the bike shop and get them changed, shouldn't be too much and since i've only paid a tenner for it. He also found there was an Olympic sticker on it and we laughed about that (i have to go re-check what year it was).

Yay, i'm quite excited!!


kirsty said...

Hello, do you still have this bike?

stylishly yours said...

Kirsty, no, Misty was stolen a month after:

Goodbye Misty

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