Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Body Blasting

Check out my little Nike+ Mini on the right, who would have thought I'll be working out?! Exercise has never existed in my dictionary, but I find myself loving it. I now have Ballet on Mondays, Wednesday is Body Blast and any spare days I can find will be running. Usually try to squeeze both Saturday and Sunday for runs. My goal is to train for a 10K run this year.

Been having trouble with my right knee since the Toronto bicycle accident (then fell on the same knee a few months later), my ballet teacher Kim said "tighten up that knee!" Ouch! I couldn't. Knee brace is my friend.

Loving the Body Blast class at Notting Hill Sweaty Betty, my trainer Shibohan is hilarious and very motivating. "Summer's coming up girls, no more batwings!" Body Blast is a circuit based class designed to combine muscle toning exercises with core conditioning and postural alignment. The class is a combination of challenges designed to strengthen, lengthen and redefine the body. After the first class, my whole body including my buttocks were hurting but you feel really good.

I feel empowered after exercising. I cannot control someone to like me but at least I can be the boss of my own body.

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