Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Reblog: I've been blogged

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I feel rather narcissistic reblogging this on here and frankly a bit embarrassed too. *blush* =^_^=

This was my first professional photoshoot and it was for Hermès store window, this was shot last year end of February. I have no previous modelling experience at all and I've learned loads from this  memorable experience. Andrew was a pleasure to work with and definitely worth a mention!

Now for some pluggin'... Andrew is an extraordinary (not to mention – award-winning) interior/architecture/portraiture photographer to some of world renowned magazines (Design Week, Mark Magazine (great for architecture and typographic eye-candy), Frame and Elle Décor Italia... etc) and for clients like Chanel, Burberry, Selfridges, Hermès (I've worked with him for two occasions: Hermès pour Liberty and store window which I've previously blogged about) and other clients too many to mention!

All this aside, he still finds time to work on personal projects such as: Excursions, Slaughtermen, Model Village, Mountain Men (my favourite!) and his recent Progress, Peace, Prosperity (loving this one too) in Gambia. Oh, did I mention he also photographed one of Kayne West's album cover artwork? – *Phew* A very, very busy man!

Visit his website at Andrew Meredith Photography

For his most recent work, visit his blog at meredithphoto.tumblr.com

Follow him on Twitter at twitter.com/ameredithphoto

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