Friday, 1 April 2005

Exhibition: Mr. Brown vs. Val Kilmer

Mr. Brown vs. Val Kilmer @ Artlab (457 Richmond. W., Toronto)

It was a very tiny show but it was awesome. It was awesome because it's both Mr. Brown and Val Kilmer. I was actually a bit disappointed that it was so tiny, and i was expecting more photography or video of the Mr. Browns and Val Kilmers around the city. Both artists were present, thank God, there was no cops! Also at one point of the night, a guy with a video camera asked if he could asked me a few question about Val. I agreed to it, after sourcing to the correct "lighting and background" for this video, he asked if i could hold Val, then as soon as you know it (i'm not even sure how this exactly happened) but I was pretend-making out with a cardboard cutout celebrity! ALL CAUGHT ON TAPE NEVERTHELESS!! And i bet it's going to wind up in some Asian-making-out-with-celebrity-cutout festish porn site somewhere on the interweb!

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