Saturday, 12 March 2005

Party: Santa Cruz / Dynamite Soul

9 PM: SOB - yummmm!
i haven't been to Sushi on Bloor (515 Bloor Street West - 416.516.3456) for a long while. It's good to have Amy back in town. After the film, we went to SOB for dinner. We ordered two sushi pizza with one spicy one, a vegetable tempura, 3 sets of handroll sets and Eileen ordered her usual nori odon noodles. It was soooooo goooooood!

10:30 PM: Santa Cruz - Inbreds / Fox the Boombox
Gahhhhh line up, after dinner when i was going to the bank, i was shocked to learn that there was a huge line up wrapped around Lee's Palace already. Everyone was there for The Inbreds reunion gig, why? Because everyone looked at least 30 and they are all coupled, unknowingly that Santa Cruz is a hipster-single-hookup-meetup event! BOO! Luckily, Nancy let me in for free hehe it was already very packed when we got inside the venue. Host Adam and Dave introduced the first band of the evening, Fox the Boombox, a five piece made up from member of The Sick Lipstick, hipster cute - has the looks but can't play for shite. The Inbreds hit the stage shortly after midnight. Was too late to run to El Mocombo for Republic of Safety's gig. The Inbreds played all their classic hits for 45 mins. The crowd were very into it. It was good but amazingly packed, so i retracted to the back for the rest of the show.

1:30 AM: Dynamite Soul at El Mocombo
It was near the end as we finally reached our third party of the night. Poor Adam and Ben looked tired and bored on the couch as we entered. We completely missed the band and it was relatively empty whilst a couple of people still moving on the dancefloor. I got myself a Keith's. Trevor suggested Nina to prank call MattBlair again. It was hilarious. It was more hilarious to see MattBlair's reaction as Nina revealed who she was. He litereally took steps back and was shocked. hehe.. as the night wind down, we said our goodbyes at the corner of College and Spadina... it was a good nite.

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