Thursday, 5 July 2007

Life: Jobbing Frustration

I feel a bit calmer and decided to put my mind off things and focus on finding work. It was hard to motivate myself and he's right, i need to sort out my life first. Luckily I have a "Power Jobbing" buddy (as we coin the term) to support and motivate each other, and to go over each other's cover letters and such. It's been productive.

I give up on applying through agencies. Last week, I applied for a position immediately upon getting a notify email about the new job posting, 10 seconds after i pressed the send button, I got a rejection email! I was furious. Have they even looked at my CV? Hello???

This week, I have decided to cold call companies to send them my CV. I am going through the 2007 DesignWeek Top 100 Design Firms in the UK, and I am going to send each and every company listed on there my CV. I have send out my CV to the Top 10 Branding/Packaging Agencies, except for Pearlfisher coz i have inside scoop that they've just downsized a bunch of people. I immediately got one rejection by Springetts, they only recruit fresh graduates and to have their career grows in the company. What kind of company is that? That's just taking advantage of cheap labour because they were fresh off school!

On a side of a bit of good news, as I've already mentioned in my previous entry, I had an excellent interview last week with Octagon, I should hear back from them in the next few days should I made the 2nd round of the interview. Fingers crossed. At the meantime, I shall continue cold calling and sending my CV to those 100 agencies. I don't believe I won't get one response from any of them!! Seriously, I don't think my portfolio sucks that bad!?!?!?! ERRRRR!!!!!

ps. Also, i've received my TrustedPlaces card today in the mail. Ahoy for 2 for 1 or 50% off meals!!

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