Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Life: I don't believe in being brave

Where does one start to cope? I couldn't sleep for days, every time I closed my eyes, I saw those hand covering my face. I feel really alone. My flatmates haven't been home much, and I don't dare to ask people for company. My sister didn't even care. No more follow up email from the one I wanted to hear the most, it's rather heartbreaking.

I'm recovering slowly physically, a bit more mobile without cuts breaking and bleeding has stop. Just a case of ugly oozing of white puss now. Some of the cuts still hurts greatly. I'm such a wimp. Bruises are settling in, lots more pain has emerged mainly from the right side of the body.

I haven't stepped out of the house since Sunday, I made it to the gate to get the mail today but I was hoping my personal alarm has arrived, it hasn't. I still feel violated and bummed out by the assault. How dare they! They don't have any rights to do that, I wish karma will catch up on those little thugs.

Today is my last day to be home, I've been working from home, which is a good thing. It gives me something to focus on. Work is willing to pay for me to go to work tomorrow by taxi. The idea of stepping out of the house is still daunting. I have the mental image of the two thugs looking out for me, "we didn't get that bitch last time, we'll get her this time!" But if I don't work, I don't get paid, even I can't bring myself to step out of the house right now, reality sometimes is a bitch isn't it?

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