Thursday, 26 June 2008

Life: Pain, pain, and more pain...

I made it out to the house today, I had to go into work and work was willing to pay for a taxi to and from my house. It was a bit of a stressful day but it was nice to be out.

In advice from my colleague, we put some antiseptic cream and breathable bandage on my wounds. She swears it'll keep all the germs away and pushes all the bad stuff out. It was all fine until I got home, the bigger wound on the right ankle started to really hurt, the pain was so intolerable I couldn't walk but just sat and cried for two hours. I decided to take a peek to the hurting wound to find that it became red and swollen. I quickly tried to look up on the interweb, most of the sites said it might be infected. The cut near my baby toe on the same feet started to feel numb and hurt as well. I was completely freaked out that I might have an infection, so I texted my flatmate if she can accompany me to the GP tomorrow.

I decided to peel all of the bandages off, my right foot feels better, and swollen bits have gone down and it's not as red as before. Still in much pain though, if pain persists tomorrow, I'm definitely going to see the doctor.

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