Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Culture Vulture September

Last week, I joined as an ICA member. I was far too excited to get my hands on these events in September through advanced sale, and thought it was worth it. Shame that I've only got one ticket to each event, I'd love some company but it's always ending up begging people to go or my friends are too skint.

I've already took advantage of my membership and booked these within the hours, I can't wait for these:

Douglas Coupland on What Words Look Like
Thursday, 3rd September

Douglas Coupland has always been one of my favourite modern writers, not just because he's Canadian. He captures the IT generation quite well, although thought JPod was a bit smug but his characters were always so interesting.

Tuesday, 8th September

I've been waiting to see this documentary for AGES! AGES! A documentary on a typeface! How amazing is that? And best thing was, there was a deal with Douglas Coupland talk, film was discounted! yay!

David Mitchell and Robert Webb on the Death of Television
Friday, 18th September

I love the Peep Show. Thank God for my membership prior tickets, because this show is now sold out! I can't wait for this!

I'm actually quite interested in going to the Joe Sacco talk as well, that's at the end of September. Will decide as the date comes closer.

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