Monday, 3 August 2009

One day I'll sleep

I've been insomniac for about two weeks now, or if I finally can sleep I get awaken easily then have trouble falling back to sleep again. Last night, I was so tired after leaving Kirsty's birthday drink but as soon I laid in my bed, I was wide awake until 5:40am after watching the last of "How I Met Your Mother" and many episodes of "30 Rock".

I don't feel present for the past few weeks, my head was elsewhere during work (it's been quite boring anyway but good thing work is slowly flowing in), I haven't run for ages, I've even lost interest in my religious Body Blast.

At yoga, I found myself hard to concentrate although the meditations helped me a lot and I felt much cleansed afterwards. I hope the regular yoga teacher comes back soon, she was more intense. I quite enjoyed the London Bridge one, Norman, but his class was a bit more physically demanding and it's a different type of yoga than I'm used to.

I need something inspiring and exciting.

I had a good day today though, made some bacon and eggs for breakfast with toast and my perfect cup of cappuccino made from my favourite Italian Moka Press – complete with foamed hot milk and sprinkling of cocoa and cinnamon. Then I cleaned my room a bit, have to seriously sort out my closet, did about half and gave up. It was surprisingly sunny today, thought it was a waste to spend indoors cleaning – okay, so it was really procrastination – I grabbed my tartan picnic mat and went to the park to finish reading "The Book Thief" by Markus Zusak. I thought it was an appropriate book when I took it along to my trip to Budapest, though the book was set in Germany but it was based on the Second World War and the Holocaust. It was a lovely story, I had to hold back my tears a bit towards the end. I always enjoy reading the last bit of a novel the most, and how you let out a big sigh after finish reading the last sentence of the book. Wonder what I should read next?

It's pretty late now, I should attempt to go to bed. I had some Valarian tea, I feel tired but not sleepy. Tomorrow I shall go to the Barbican and will be watching "Coco Before Chanel", I'm quite excited and been looking forward for this film for a while.

Nite. x

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