Sunday, 25 March 2007

Gig 05: Idlewild - Hammersmith Palais

Idlewild // Now It's Overhead @ Hammersmith Palais
(230 Shepherd Bush Road W6 7NL)

It has been a frustrating day dealing with inconsiderate people. Elodie called for a girly pre-drink with Annie at Match Bar Clerkenwell. They agreed that my friends were being insensitive as well but there was a little people can do about it, though Elodie and Annie are on my side and will support me. I needed a drink. One daiquiri after another, we proceeded to Cicada for more drinks.

Elodie and I walked to Holborn and took the tube to Hammersmith. Except, we went to the Apollo not the Palais. When we finally got to the correct venue, Idlewild has been playing for a bit already. We walked in when "Love steals us from loneliness" was playing. They seemed to be covering all specs from new to old favourites. Roddy seemed fine despite the sickness on tour that they had to cancelled 2 shows this tour. It's also the debut of the new bassist, Gareth. It was great to see them again, they were still great as usual! I miss them!

Below was a setlist:
When I argue I see shapes
You held the world in your arms
If it takes you home
Live in a hiding place
No emotion
American English
Once in your life
Little discourage
Love steals us from loneliness
A modern way of letting go
Future works
These wooden ideas
El Capitan
Everything (as it moves)
In remote part/Scottish fiction
- - - -
In competition for the worst time
Everyone says you're so fragile
(I am) what I am not

We were later told that this show was one of the last shows at the Hammersmith Apollo as it was to be tear down the following week after. This is the last look inside the venue.

After the show, I went down to the soundboard to look for Richie. It was so nice to see him again. We went to the aftershow area, we sat down and had a drink. We met Madeline's sister and had a long chat. She was a newly wed and quite lovely. Turned out that it was Madeline's birthday at midnight. Richie went backstage to fix us some drinks. Also saw Dom, he didn't remembered my name. But when I told him I was a friend of Kimmy's from Toronto. He remembered that we went for sushi. We didn't talked long as he was always in a hurry, always had things to take care of. I was on route to the bathroom and I saw Allan walking towards me. I didn't thought he would remember me but i said hi anyway, he was like "Wow, i haven't seen you for years" i told him i recently moved to London. He was like "yeah i know. i read it on your myspace" (REALLY?!?) We talked a bit. He said, "it's hard to sum up the past few years innit?" At the end of the night he saw me leaving so he came over and said bye and wish me luck here. And he said "YES, COME TO SCOTLAND AND SEE DESALVO!"

Aww.. Allan. I adore Allan! x

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