Sunday, 4 March 2007

Sighting: Luna Eclipse

Luna Eclipse - Saturday, 3rd March, 2007

Londoners queuing up on The Strand trying to catch a glimpse of the rare Luna Eclipse

Niki and I met up at Harrods, and we walked to V&A hoping to see the newly opened Kylie Exhibition. We got there too late, all the tickets of the day for the exhibition was sold out. We just browsed around the permanent collection until it was time to meet up with her friends at the ICA.

After the museum, we went for tea and a sit down gossip on Knightsbridge. We walked to ICAsince we had time to kill. We had dinner there after we purchase our tickets for "The Bridge". A critically acclaimed documentary about suicides from the Golden Gate Bridge. The documentary left us quite uneasy.

After the film, we decided to go to The Strand for a pint. As we were walking, Niki and I couldn't help noticing the moon looked different tonight. Then we saw people queuing up, so we asked what it was about. Turned out that it was a luna eclipse and everyone is trying to look at it in between the buildings. We joined and looked for a while. Niki's friends said goodbye. I was still quite excited about the eclipse as I've never seen it before. I wanted to share this moment with someone, so I txted Mike. Surprisingly, he replied quickly. He was packing for his conference in Colorado. Niki and I went for a pint at the pub and chatted more afterwards.

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