Sunday, 1 April 2007

Megahangout 2: Blast from the past weekend

What an emotionally and physically exhausted weekend!

I'm glad I stuck it out and get to see my friends. Had a lovely day at the V&A (one of my favourite museums) with Kate on Friday. We went to see Kylie Exhibition and Surreal Things. The Surreal Things exhibit was better than i expected. Got to see a couple of my favourite paintings from the period. Didn't realised there were more forms of medium expressed through during the movement: ballet, wardrobe, industrial design, advertising, film and even fashion. The exhibition was worth seeing if you haven't already and it was well curated. The evening was tensed, I don't want to get into that... but I did met a cute boy named Jarvis who looked like the young Jamie Oliver who plays in a band called Broken Tapes.

The next day, I had breakfast with Mike at Broadway Market. I love these little markets. That's one thing I will definitely miss if I were to go home. The place he was planning to take me wasn't opened, so we went back to La Vie de Rose (2 Broadway Market E8 - Apparently Little Georgia (87 Goldsmiths Row E8) is better, will have to try that one out), a cute lil' French place he took me to a year ago after an emotionally intense night. It was weird to be in the same place, with the same person, also somewhat feeling the same a year later! I went to visit Kate at Pier's studio in Brick Lane afterwards, it was her last day in London. We had a little chat. Then i hooked up with Elodie and Claire, and spend hours at -- TopShop!! Retail therapy was much needed! Baz txt he was in town, so we met up with him and met his girlfriend, Cath. She is sooo lovely!!!! Haven't seen him for years and how time flies! We went for a pint at Pillars of Hercules on Greek St behind the Astoria, and then Claire's boyfriend, Thomas, joined us and we went to Cripsy Duck on Chinablock for dinner since the Japanese place was packed. We were feeling brave and had deep-fried pork intestines for starters (it's actually one of my favourite dishes). We talked lots about food and Baz' history of his veggie days. All good fun!

Of course, the only night that I finally get 6 hours of sleep, I have to wake up on wrong side of the bed. My right side of my body from neck down to shoulder and upper arm can't move. I think i've sprang my tendon. It was the same pain i had last year before the "acupuncture rape incident" but this time more on my shoulders. I can feel a weird muscle bump on my shoulder actually. It got worse after carrying the heavy bag from Tesco. I spend the rest of my night not moving with a hot water bottle on my shoulder. It still hurts today.

It's been 2 months since I've been here. I'm sorta mad at myself by not having accomplished much but I'm just taking baby steps at a time, by starting to focus on my health first. Need to start eating properly again and hopefully will lead to a better sleep at night. I'm taking this time to work on my portfolio. I'm hoping to have it done ASAP so i can start looking for jobs again.

It looks beautiful outside today, but it's not like I can move. So I'm going stay in and try to get some reading done and work on my portfolio.

Okay, so this is almost like the exact entry from the myspace one but I'm lazy yeah?

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