Friday, 24 December 2004

Film: It's a Wonderful Life

*** USA. 130 min. BW 1946. Directed by Frank Capra.
Written by: Philip Van Doren Stern & Frances Goodrich.

Cast: James Stewart & Donna Reed.

19:00 @ Bloor Cinema (Free Screening for Members) with Amy.

Yes, another long film but this one is very warmhearted. It's a Dickens-esque story about an guardian angel helping a compassionate but despairingly frustrated George Bailey by showing him what his life would be like if he has never existed. I loved all the women's dresses in the film, there's just something poetic and graceful about women in the late 40's and early 50's. I love the part in the beginning of the film where the kid Georgie bends down in front of the kid Mary Hatch, she whispered into his deaf ear (caused by saving his lil brother Harry from drowning in the icy pond) and said "George Bailey - I'll love you til the day I die."

I might not believe in Santa Claus. However, I definitely believe in Guardian Angels.

Rocking Santa.
Ryan gave me a lift today to work, whilst we were driving on Kingston Road, i spotted this gas station with Full Service at 67.9, we decided to turn around and get gas when we saw this Santa pumping at the station. What so emo about the Santa is that first of all, he's ethnic, he was wearing the Santa suit, but with no Santa hat, he had a goatee and ponytail! ABSOLUTE GOLD!!

Good Times with Good Cake, Good Tunes.
After the film at Bloor Cinema, Amy finally took me to this Korean place she's been raving about for 2 years. I had the Combination Soo Tofu Soup (Beef, Shrimp and Clams). Was tasty, loved their side dishes though the Kim-Chi was WAY to spicy for me! Then we scooted over to Labyrinth for MattBlair's weekly DJing at Vanishing Point. He played the songs i've requested earlier today. Kudos to Matt! Amy bought chamomile tea (ick) and a black forest cake to share. I couldn't believe the prices of the drinks there! $2.50 only with basic mixed drink (gin, vodka, rum, whiskey.. etc) and all domestic beer. Matt spun a good hour of good tunes started with my requested of Doves (There Goes the Fear), then he played Le Tigre (Decepticon), The Streets, Ladytron's Playgirl mixed into West End Boys by Pet Shop Boys, followed by Bizzare Love Triangle to Saint Etienne's Only Love Can Break Your Heart, Charlatans, Stone Roses and too many good tunes. Amy and I wanted to dance. She reckons Matt kicks Blow Up's arses and that he should take over BU once it's close in January (pretty sad). We left 'round 1:10am to realized Amy forgot her umbrella, went back it wasnt' there, she musta left it in the Korean restaurant.

Toronto is an ice rink right now.
Luckily, i caught the last bus. Was home fairly quickly. All pavement and walkways are frozen. I could literally skate home from the bus stop. No kidding. As i went into my building i started talking to the security guard about the "natural ice rink". He informed me that he had complained to the Super about this but the Super didn't gave a toss. So Mr. Security asked if i could filled in a complaint for that matter. (Right up my alley, love sending angry letters!) And then we backstabbed our Super, i inquired about renting out the parking spots, finally got home, couldn't sleep yet excited about sleeping in tomorrow and don't have to work.

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