Saturday, 18 December 2004

Gig: 62. Rainbow Quartz's White Vibration

Rainbow Quartz 1st Annual Festive Special:
The High Dials, Frontier Index, Showroom @ The 360

We went back to Casse-Croûte La Banquise for lunch, i had the Poutine Duleton (ground steak with fried onions) this time and i was over the roof. We left town around 2pm. Just before Kingston we caught in a jam for an hour, didn't get back into town til 8pm! I changed and then headed out to meet Amy to go to The 360 for Rainbow Quartz 1st Annual Festive Special with Showroom, Frontier Index and The High Dials. We arrived at 11:40pm, Frontier Index was on stage, they are not bad, high energy performance, there were a few following singing to the words and dancing, most enjoyable when singer/strummer Corey Herden thanks this person for their wardrobe consulting. High Dials finally on stage after midnite. God so tired! They featured 4-5 new songs which sounded excellent. The highlight was during Morning's White Vibration when Trevor Anderson said "when i come back with my guitar, i want to see some other people dancing up here other than this guy!" and of course, the grand highlight of the night is when Rishi Dihr played the sitar!! Highly enjoyable, and dancable gig. After the show, we talked to Trevor, he liked my shirt, i told him thanks for the shirt really because it was a birthday gift from amy asking her ex-boss, Mila who asked Trevor (also great friends with him) so the story all link back together. We left around 2:35am, I missed the bus at Finch by 2 mins, i had to cab home.. eeek!

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