Friday, 31 December 2004

Gig 63: Death from Kathedral

Death From Above 1979 / Controller.Controller / Aids Wolf @ The Kathedral / All Ages

When I arrived at the venue, the queue was already turned onto Bathurst, I said hello to a few of my friends at the intersection then went to the back to find my other friends. There were quite a few number of kids. As we entered the venue, the kids were crowded up by the stage and merch area. First off was Aids Wolf, from Montréal, loud experimental band with high energy and lots of screaming. Second band of the evening was Controller.Controller and they were AWESOME! I danced and danced during their set. The venue started to get packed, by the time DFA came on stage, the dodgy little venue was completely packed, bodies against bodies, the anticipated kids began to rock out and mosh. The bnad mostly played from the new album, but also a few favourites from previous EPs. Sebastien gave a "Billy Talent" speech during the set and told how they enjoyed playing to the younger crowd. During the short encore, Sebastien invited two fans to come on stage to jam with them. Those two had their best time of their lives they said. DFA's sound had rounded out since i've first saw them couple years ago, nevertheless still very rocking live!

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