Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Survival for the Fittest

Gah! Some girl from San Francisco just called me, first of all, pronouncing my name wrong (my 3rd biggest pet peeve). 2ndly, those idiots are running 2 months ad with the wrong URL (they're really .net and i am .com) Gahh.. i've had this domain more than 7 years!!!!!! She asked if i'm willing to sell my domain too.. i shoulda bought .net too!!

They are in the same line of business (but with a much uglier site), but they're more focus on handbags (which i have as well) she asked me if i would refer the clients to her site since they're practically advertising my site for free for the next 2 months? Or should i take advantage of this and have my on-line store ready?

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stylishly yours said...

Ironically, she has a bag with my name! Apparently it's in the "MOM'S HANDBAG" catergory and i'm available in ugly colours but at least i'm the most expensive bag from her site, more expensive than the Hérmes Birkin and Louis Vutton knockoffs!!

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