Sunday, 29 May 2005

All these parties.. Toby's Bday Party at Disaster House

I went to Vidal Sassoon today and got a quicky fringe trim by Nhi then Zach and i met up and went to the Puma Sample Sale. We were disappointed as we both couldn't find anything. We then went to A&E to help prepare some food for Saturday's party. Amy had a terrible experience by Lorainne so she didn't come with us to Toby's party. Zach and I arrived at 12:36am.. we stayed til about 3:20am then we got chips at a convenient store closeby. By the time Steve and I got onto our Finch E Bus, it was almost daylight.. oo-er!! A&E Housewarming Party at last!!
So much food! we made so much food but they were all soo good! We have a fruit platter with a few chocolate dipped items and arranged by moi! We made phyllo triangles with veggie curry and another variety with cheese and spinach. There's also these amazing veggie rice rolls with orange chilli dipping sauce. Amy had these smoked turkey with roasted red pepper jelly on crackers. Plus veggie platter with various dips. We had the screening of Amy's documentary when she worked on during her stay in Montreal, Chairman George, which debut on CTV the same evening. Guests arrived much later.. it was fun, glad everyone showed up and the party dismissed around midnight as most of us were heading to another party.. Ursula's Bday Party above The Bagel
I don't even know where to begin.. I'm too lazy to write and i think i'm going to take a break from these parties for a while.. Yes, i'm snubbing again! You can just go look at the pix from this party... here!

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