Wednesday, 18 May 2005

Gig 42: Athlete

Athlete @ 275
(275 Yonge Street) // "Invite Only" (part of Edge 102.1 Next Big Thing Pretentious Blah Blah Blah Series)
Eileen + Elsie + Ren

The radio station was literally giving away these tickets like candies, but ironic thing was that it was so hard to win... anyway, we scammed a few of these tickets and because of "snob factor" we went. It was about half-full, people there looked very "Edge listeners" but there were a few real fans up at the front. Lots of waiting around and the band finally hit the stage around 8:40pm.. I've only stayed for a couple songs since i needed to go home and do laundry. They were alright for a debut, i got to hear the "Avril Lavigne" song aka "El Salvador" also the only song that i knew and i left shortly after that. Ren came after and Eileen said Snow Patrol were all there. Ah well.. gotta pack!!

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