Sunday, 8 May 2005

Take me out to a ballgame! @ The Opera House (1 Blue Jays Way)
Toronto Blue Jays 3 vs Chicago White Sox 5
Elsie + Evan + Graham + Greg + Jen + Matt

Evan invited me to a Jays match last night.. i haven't been to a ballgame for YEARS, think the last time i went was with Steve Gilbert when i was still working at KidsNRG!! We got pretty good seats, 100 left fields. It was really fun, we must have annoyed a few people since we were shouting random variation comments like "Hakim Optical!!!!!!!!!!!!!" and wanted to close the roof since it was waaay chilly, but too bad we lost but ah well. After the match, we went to the Green Room and had some drinks, as the night progressed we drunkly built candle waxed tree sculpture and we took a bunch of silly pix as seen here. hehe.. aren't we a silly bunch! But the pix are so cute! I had so much fun last night :)

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