Thursday, 12 May 2005

Film: Kingdom of Heaven

***1/2 USA/Spain/UK. 145 min. Colour 2004. Directed by Ridley Scott. Written by William Monahan. Cast: Orlando Bloom, Liam Neeson, Eva Green, Marton Csokas, Jeremy Irons, Edward Norton @ 10:30 pm Yorkdale SilverCity with Evan.

The film is an epic adventure about a blacksmith, Balian (Orlando Bloom), who after his family lost and newly united with his father, Godfrey of Ibelin (Liam Neeson) found himself twined into decades-long crusade. I enjoyed the film, it's always great to watch Mediaeval epic films -- because of the costumes, knights and sword fights! Ever since my Mediaeval project in Grade 6, i've been fascinated with that era, even though i'm not much of a Fantasy fiction fan. Some slow motion usage in the film was questionable, where they were used with no significant purpose. The fight scenes were quite rapid, sometimes confusing of who was fighting who. The film however had a fair portraits of both Christians and Muslims. I had NO IDEA that Edward Norton played the ill and masked King Baldwin IV until I was researching to write the review! Mind you, i haven't seen Scott's other films (Gladiator, G.I. Jane, nor Black Hawk Down), i know, i know, so i can't compare to his other films with this one yet.. i'll let you know when i rent the others in video one of these days.

I should go run some errands and utilize this time wisely whilst my boss is in the meeting, leaving in a couple hours to the windy city.. it's good to get away from it all... i'm stressed!!

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