Saturday, 26 February 2005

Kasabian I: Proccessed Beats

Acoustic at the Edge

Eileen and I went to the radio station after work to stalk Kasabian. When i arrived there was a crowd already in the studio. The band did two acoustic songs: "Processed Beats", and "L.S.F". Afterwards, the 3/4 of the band proceed signing for the fans. Despite what people have said how they were rude, they were really nice, very patient and chatted, signed to every single person that were there. Can't wait to see them tomorrow!

Tawdry: Danced and Danced
I arrived Alto Basso at around midnight, there was already a few people in line. Good thing that there was an outdoor heater, so the wait wasn't so bad. After waiting for about 15 mins, i heard the bar was playing "There Goes the Fear"... i was thinking "Gah, it's my song, i need to go in NOW!" that was the magic thought and i got into the bar. It's a nice space. It's also a restaurant during regular operation hours. Typical minimal college decor, white walls, mahogany tables, black leather couches, 60s swing lamps.. etc. The dancefloor is located in the basement. It sure was packed. When i ventured downstairs, The Eggstones was playing, i went to the DJ booth to say hi to Trevor and he was like "hey, thanks for coming, LISTEN!!!" He rocks!!

Got stuck with a mod guy with really really bad haircut for the evening, he kept trying to dance with me when i was trying to dance with his striped scarf friend, he was cute. I also got stuck with Alana, she was on e, and told me that Kasabian were here but Mark Holmes took them over to Mod Club for a bit, and that she was trying to get on the guestlist for tomorrow. There's no turning back now that i've been nice to her. Grrrr.. Then i saw fucking Neil.. gosh.. i wish Christine were there to laugh with me.. (i really hope these people i'm talking bad things about don't read this.. or maybe they should so i don't have to be nice to them anymore) The band came back with Mark at around 1:35am, they walked in as they were playing one of their songs. How ironic! i tried to talk to them but they were swamped with people and Alana. I did over heard Tom telling someone that they ate dinner at Alto Basso at 10pm. Ah well.. back to Tawdry, the night was good.. it was better than Blow Up, but they repeated bands too much.. definitely will bring my girlfriends there next time! nite xoxox

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