Sunday, 27 February 2005

Event: The Hidden Cameras LP Launch

The Hidden Cameras: The Arms of His Ill LP Launch // Signing //
Rita's birthday party (who's rita?) @ 2-5pm - Art Metropole (788 King Street West - 416.703.4400)

All local artzies united for this event. It took place at Art Metropole, a place that specializes in contempoary art and promotes, publishes, exhibits and distributes artist' products in various formats. Many artzies crowded around the place when i arrived. At around 4ish, the acoustic set previewed 3 new songs. Two of them involved audiences' participation: the second song involed eggshakers (GOSH I LOVE THOSE) and the final song of the afternoon featured sing-a-long. After the short set, annouced the birthday of Rita (who's Rita?) and we sneaked a slice of Dufflet superior choccies cake... hmmmmm.. thanks for the cake Rita! ...Oh, and Rita, Happy Birthday!

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