Saturday, 12 March 2005

Film: Happy Together

**** Hong Kong. 96 min. B&W/Colour 1997. Directed by Wong Kar Wai
Written by Wong Kar Wai.
Cast: Leslie Cheung, Tony (Chiu Wai) Leung, Chen Cheng @ 7pm FFF: Innis Town Hall with Amy, Eileen and Makeda.

Beautiful film. It was really sad for me to see the late Leslie Cheung on the screen. I grew up listening to his music and watching his telly soaps, he was part of my childhood. He was only 40 when he suicided by jumping off from the roof of a hotel a few years ago. The film started off with a very open sex scene between the two lead characters, Lai Yiu-Fai (Leslie Cheung) and Ho Po-Wing (Tony Leung), rumoured that Tony Leung agreed to be in the film on the basis of a fake script and only learned of the requirement of doing a gay sex scene after arriving in Argentina for filming. Then they decided to go to Argentina for road holiday, they got lost and money are spent, somehow the relationship drifted apart too. It was also about Po-Wing's quest of himself through Chang (Chen Cheng) of finding "home". The storyline goes back and forth with the love relationship between Fai and Wing, and the dependence of each other. "Let's start all over again" was said frequently but never once a "I love you". The film was beautifully shot between black and white and colour. Soundtrack was very incoporated, the actors were excellent. i really like the film, it was brilliant.

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