Tuesday, 8 March 2005

Quiet Evenings are the New Loud

Dinner at Bo De
RW was gone today. Spoiled my day with nothingness. Sudden post of having dinner at Bo De with ambivalent, automatic, spark and merckeda.. and i tagged along. It was good dinner. I want more spring rolls!

I <3 Dinner Party
It's oh so quiet, and low key. Last night, i went to Callie's for a dinner party. Also invited were the boys, who were dressed nicely. :) Fucking TTC got me there so late, was stucked underground for ages.. i was sooo late. I made cardomin apple/pear pie, they were so cute, they were all little individual pies. I specially made Toby a maple apple crumble because he's vegan and it was very difficult to make dessert without egg and dairy. Heather made Gado-Gado, a brocoli-rabi with chick pea salad, a scalloped sweet potato and potato with caramelized onions, and a sorta curry but not curry dish served with injera. It was fantastic! After dinner, Tobes had to go run distro at Wavelength whilst the rest of us stayed behind for more drinks, chit-chat and we played Hot Dice! HOT DICEEEE! It was a very very lovely evening.


Anonymous said...

i totally went back to Bo De today just to have the noodles. true story. also, dinner party sans moi? i am just as poorly fed as the boys! i am especially sad about missing out on pie. and i've been dying to try injera forever. call me next time!

still deciding whether to go to Santa Cruz on Friday, and with the new fare hike, i'm even more discouraged. we'll see i guess...

stylishly yours said...

Well, for Friday, here's my plan. FFF (Free Film Friday at Innis Town Hall at 7pm - Happy Together by Wong Kai Wai) then dinner at SOB (Sushi on Bloor) at 9pm, Santa Cruz to follow and then Dynamite Soul. It's all within walkin distance honey! Besides, you are a "student"! :P

Anonymous said...

ah, what the hell. you're only young once. i'm in, but i'll probably skip sushi. i will call you soon. zoobombs tomorrow?


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