Friday, 11 March 2005

Gig 25: Zoobombs Fever

The Zoobombs // BBQ @ The Silver Dollar
(486 Spadina Rd)

Yes, another night with The Zoobombs! This band never stops! But this is their final Toronto stop, after CMW, the band travelled to nearby cities for more shows every night. You can tell this time they were tired, but they still gave them their best shot. They should really get a roadie though, poor Don always breaking strings and have to restrung during the gig, plus no one is tuning for him as well! They were very grateful for the audience and the Toronto support, i wish them good luck and come back here in the very near future.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, LonelyVagabond from the 20hz board here, I was at that show (all 4 shows actually) Man, I felt like Bez from The Mondays dancing like a nut to the right of the stage. If you have MSN, feel free to add me, for all your insomniac needs, heh.

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