Tuesday, 1 March 2005

Gig 20: Ian Brown wanna be adored

Ian Brown @ The Mod Club
(722 College Street)

GOSH! $36 ticket, better worth it! Despite the shitey weather, and no appearance of "special guest", it was worth it. It was worth it just to see Ian Brown swaggering with the tamborines alone. He has hired a cover band as his back up band. There was a saxaphone player, and a turbin wearing Goldfinger on hand drums and other peculiar percussion instruments.

Highlight of the night for the sold out venue was when he did the Stone Roses songs: "Waterfall", "I wanna be adored", "Sally Cinnamon", "She Bangs the Drums" and "Made of Stone". It was awesome. It was awesome even when Brownie cannot actually carry a tune. Maybe it was due to the fact that he has been experiencing monitors problems all night, and that he couldn't hear anything. He threatened a couple times that he will walk off and to get our money refunded. Whilst the crew were replacing the monitors he came back on stage and banged the drums for a bit while everyone just kinda stood around shocked at what we were seeing. The audience was a tad on the violent side as some guy knocked down the mic stand as another threw a beer bottle onto the stage. Sweaty British guy in suit and his blonde bimbo girlfriend was annoying, he was standing too close to me, i had to turn around and tell him to back off and fuck off.

There was no "special" guest, apparently he was there but refused to come out. We waited around for a bit as Mark Holmes came up to me and informed that there will be a Meet & Greet upstairs in the Orange Room. So i went up, my friends were hesitant at first to go up but i insisted that if they don't go i wouldn't too. We waited around for a long time, as we decided to leave, i got stopped by Mark at the doors, he told me that Ian will be out in 5. So we waited yet again.. what do you know! Brownie was really there!! He's a shrimp! He was shorter but nicer than I thought he would be. I've got a chance to meet him, in our brief meeting, we talked about shoes as it quickly got stolen away by another conversation. However, i did snapped a pix with him.. weeeeeeeee!


CJ said...

Stone Roses ! Best band ever was ever will be. I saw them in Sheffield and at Reading festival which was to be their last gig.
Iam brown is a legend and his solo stuff is well good. john Squire and his seahorses where are you now mate! eh!
top stuff on meeting up with the bands when they play here in uk its like asking trying to get into buckingham palace or something.

top quality.

CJ - www.f1sh.net

found your site while looking for a shoutcast station called the karaoke masacre project.

CJ said...

<3 the lomo

i have a LC-A , action sampler and a Semena.

stylishly yours said...

i <3 lomo too.. i have an action sampler (which i don't find it that great indoors) and i'm planning to get a Holga by the year end.

it's a bless to see bands here, because either they are nobody here or you always get to see them in small intimite venues. definitely tops!

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