Sunday, 19 June 2005

Evil Elmo Again!

Dragonette // Hunter Valentine @ El Mocambo
(464 Spadina Ave - 416.777.1777)

So we're back to the evil El Mocambo again.. God! Just look at the picture above! Seeing all these 20hz posters almost make me want to vomit! But tonight, we're helping out Eileen's co-worker to work cashiers/doors for this gig. Hunter Valentine landed on this week's cover of NOW and with the hype of Dragonette whom to be Duran Duran's openner for the upcoming tour, we were expecting lots of people. Hunter Valentine hit the stage at 10:30pm, it was good from what we've heard, we couldn't see anything from where we were working. Singer, Kiyomi had a strong voice. Dragonette sounded awesome! Think Metric but better, more dancy, more catchy that make you just want to get up and dance! Kiersten, the promoter only broke even for the evening as that night has too many things happening in the city.

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