Monday, 13 June 2005

NXNE DAY 1: I Mama Earth + Oops, I Did It Again + Quiet First Nite + Sony PSP

Stirling // The Mahones // Hugh Cornwell // The Novaks // Brian Bryne @ Lee's Palace
(529 Bloor St W - 416.532.1598)

6:52pm: Lee's Palace Back Again
Amanda dropped me off at the venue, i was carrying so much stuff including my overnight luggage, banners, ballot box, SOCAN guides, my purse and cash bag. I informed Josee (stage manager) upon my arrival and met Alanna, Drew & Chris (stagehands) and requested assistant for putting up the banners later on. i set up the ballot area as the Red Bull street team came in, so i tried one for the first time. (Okay, lie. I had one yesterday at the Chart Party with Jagermeister)

8pm: Brian, not David, Bryne
Okay that's who it was! I thought the name sounded familiar and he looked familiar but i couldn't figure out where he was from! So i met him when he was asking me question about guestlisting.. ho ho ho! His set was okay, at least he didn't play any i mama earth songs. However, he did covered a Police song! heh!

10pm: Newfie Rock - The Novaks
Ewan Exall came by and sat down for a chat, it was kinda odd, it made me a bit nervous actually since i was working at cash and he was managing the show. I swear he still doesn't know my name. We talked about shows he was planning to see during the festival, Red Bull, Vancouver and (International) Noise Conspiracy. Lori came by so i introduced her to Ewan, she was there for The Novaks, a straight up rock band from St. John's, Newfoundland. Guess it made a Newfie double-act eh! I didn't pay much attention, but they sounded alright. There seemed to be a number of people there for them..

11pm: Oops, I did it Again! I Pulled Another Andy Rourke - My meeting with Hugh Cornwell
I had the honour to meet Andy Rourke during his tour with Badly Drawn Boy. He told me he liked my Fred Perry zip-up, i told him i liked his too then he introduced himself to me as Andy. I was like "oh, hi.." i haven't any clue until later that he was THE Andy Rourke!! So tonight, I thought Hugh Cornwell sounded familiar and his face looked familiar as well (again!) we even chatted a bit before the show, i had no idea who he was until much later. No wonder he's sooo good! He is the original guitarist, singer and main songwriter for The Stranglers!! But i was strangely surprised, the show didn't sold out. Oops! Now i wish i took back all the stupid things i've said (it's Red Bull! it's the Red Bull!!) or shoulda asked better questions! Hopefully he doesn't remember me! teeheee!

Midnight: Breaking the Curse - The Mahones
Okay, i feel real ignorant for not knowing all these bands showcasing at my venue. Apparently The Mahones are quite popular Celtic Punk band from Kingston, Ontario. They've trailled bad luck since May 1999 when bassist passed away of food allergy then a month later, another former member died from a camping accident. They were alright, lots of people seemed to enjoy their set.

1AM: Stirling - Toronto's "Britpop" Darling
It was more quiet than my other times working at Lee's Palace during the festival. I don't think this band live up to their hype, Eileen and I saw them couple months ago, they were good but just not "wow". I didn't get to see much of this set then Mary & Greg came pick me up.

1:40AM: Cashing Out
It seemed straight forward but i wasn't sure what i was doing, forgive me, it was my first time doing the "Cash-Out"... Why doesn't any of these sheets balanced?!??! HELP??

2:25AM: PSP Time!
After Eileen and I cabbed back to the apartment, we played Sony PSP for a while and we watched part of Spiderman II on the PSP, it's amazing how great the quality of that little screen is, it makes our telly looks like crap! Not only it can play games, it can also plays movies, mp3s, store games and photos! I want one of these!!

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