Tuesday, 14 June 2005

NXNE Day 3: Daytrip Around TO + POP Montreal

The Adam Brown // The Hot Springs // Malajube // The Hermit // 5th Projekt // Marnie Mains @ Cameron House
(408 Queen St W - 416.703.0811)

3:23pm: Duff's Famous Wings
Eileen and I finally arrived Bayview & Eglinton after our 'hood scenic route to Midtown. As we walked south on Bayview, we noticed that Rahier Patisserie was gone! Duff's Famous Wings (1604 Bayview Ave - 416.544.0100) was relatively empty at this hour, we sat ourselves inside with the AC (waay too humid for patios today). Oooo.. They have loganberry juice.. yummm!

5:02pm: Hollywood Gelato We Go!
Personally i prefer Hollywood Gelato (1640 Bayview Ave - 416.544.9829) over La Casa Gelato. I had the Peanut Butter & Chocolate (YES THIS IS MY FAVOURITE OKAY?) and this Caramel one sooo good! As we were heading back downtown we noticed there was this young couple with HEAPS of bread from Rahier Patisserie! Apparently they've moved further down the road. *Phew* Thought it was a goner!

6:30pm: NXNE DAY 3 - NXNE Headquarters
So i'm floating today because Lee's didn't require a cashier. When Kenn said they needed a person at Cameron House (408 Queen St W - 416.703.0811) tonite, i couldn't raise my hand fast enough because i was intended to go to that show anyway for the Pop Montreal Showcase anyway. Once i arrived to the venue i was greeted by the stage manager Kristin and stagehand Nadeen, and both at a separate occassion warned me about the doorgirl, Michelle who was apparently boy-crazy. heh. There are 6 Bands tonite!! WHOAAA!!

8pm: Marnie Mains + 5th Projekt + The Hermit
Don't be fooled by her tattooed Tank-Girl-esque getup, Marnie Mains's music style is more like her West Coast peer, Holly McNarland. Marnie Mains has a strong, crisp vocals and she ended the evening with a song she wrote about being a bartender called Tequilla. 5th Projekt made me feel like i was listening to the soundtrack of a darker version of Lord of the Rings. Toronto based self-claimed "Neo-Classical Romanticism"... bleh.. NEXT!!! Now for something quite the opposite with butterflies, nature and sunshine is The Hermit, another band hailed from the West Coast by electronic explorer Hamish Thomson who plays every instruments on the album with guest female vocalist. They even had video projection in the background, pretty high-tech for the lil ole' Cameron House.

11pm: Malajube + The Hot Springs + The Adam Brown
By 11:30pm, we were at full capacity (not that i'm complaining since i can watch the show). Apparently we had line up to the door! Everyone was here to see the POP Montreal Showcase, first band was Malajube. I love love love love them!! Catchy fast tunes, very dancable, but.. are all these songs in French?!? They didn't play too long it was ironic that they spent more time setting up than playing their actual set because they had another show to play the same night. Post-punk quartet The Hot Springs (see above pic) started the band just for fun, but they put on a very energetic and crazy show. I anticipated for The Adam Brown set the whole night, because my friends are in the band. They took a while to set up, as soon as they were about to go onstage, someone from NXNE came to collect me!! ARGH!! At least i got to talk to them.. booo..

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