Tuesday, 28 June 2005

Gig 49: Final Fantasy has a Good Mother

Final Fantasy with St. Kitt's String Quartet // Torngat @ Music Gallery
(197 John St - 416.204.1080)

I can't believe how huge Final Fantasy has became all of a sudden. At the beginning of the year when i saw him at Rancho Relaxo, it was almost empty. But i guess a good secret can't kept for long, i'm glad about his success and he deserves it. We arrived to the venue around 6pm after we got separated from the film earlier. There were a bit of a line up already. Kate showed up not too long after us, so we chatted a bit in line. At about 6:30pm, they started to sell tix at the doors. Zach and his friend Julie, cut in line just in time, as they were the last two people would could get tickets which later on caused a huge fuss on the board. Torngat from Montreal opened. They were an instrumental experimental band, they were good. I quite enjoyed them. I spotted Jeff Harris!!! He actually asked if the seat was taken before the show.. but i managed to snapped a pix of him haha! Owen Pallett dressed in a pink shirt and all white ensemble played a few solos before he brought in the St. Kitt's String Quartet who half were dressed in all white, half all black. He mostly played new songs, only 3 were from the album: The CD Tower Belongs to the Dead, This is The Dream of Win & Regine and Please, Please, Please. Not much quirky chatter between songs perhaps he was nervous about the string quartet or the CBC Live recording. He did a cover of "Good Mother" by Jann Arden. He commented "if i have one of those long jackets, i would be a better singer." So awesome!! After the show, instead of going to Xiu Xiu like everyone else, Nina, Heather, Amy, Eileen, Thomas and I all went to Chinatown for some pho.

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