Tuesday, 14 June 2005

NXNE DAY 2: Emcee Murdah + Bedlam Society Showcase

i glanced across the room and saw this dude
he's not like any other, he's got no at-ti-tude
he's mister emcee murdah, and he aint no play-a
when he has a microphone he's going to getcha
just give him a beat and his words will flow
this is elsie and emcee chillin at the show

She asked "you gonna rap about livin in da hood?"
I said "i dunno, it all depends on my mood"
I'm a real emcee like no any other
she's karaoke massacre, i'm emcee murdah
we make a good team and in b-ball too
this is emcee and elsie chillin in da hood

10:12am: Emcee Murdah vs. Karaoke Massacre @ Givins + Queen Street West
OH MY GOD!! My second encounter with k-Os, okay, so i didn't go up to him this time and said "I love you, man!" (This is My Truth: he was the first man i said those three words to, haha). He was walking towards my direction (westbound), wore a red t-shirt with a red bandana around his neck (it's rather hott today innit?!) and camouflage shorts (due to overwhelming glee, i forgot to checkout his footwear!). He was eating either a fruit or pastry of kind. We mades eye contact so i smiled at him.. i think he *knew* i knew who he was.. heh heh heh..

The Fullblast // The Junction // City and Colour // Bedouin Soundclash @ Lee's Palace (529 Bloor St W - 416.532.1598)

8:02pm: Greeting the Society
Sooo tired! i got into work relatively early today but was totally busy. I was late meeting at the hotel. After i got dropped off, i went across to the newly opened Chippy's (490 Bloor St W - 416.516.7776) for some chips. Later, I met Trish and Joel (founder) from the Bedlam Society. Bedlam Society is a concept created as a venue for culture that was neglected at one time and to share the love of music. It first started with a website, then venues and CD release parties and concerts within the Niagara, okay, southern Ontario. They talked to me about guestlist and gave me a bunch of stickers and a CD named: Bedlam Society - Mixed Tape Vol. 2 featuring The Junction, City and Colour, The Fever, Trail of Dead, Bedouin Soundclash, Polyphonic Spree... etc.

9pm: Nevermind The Fullblast
It's sooooo busy here! The night has just started! I didn't pay much attention to The Fullblast, a punk band from Oakville that toured with Rise Against and Alexisonfire.. guess you can tell what they sound like... NEXT!

10pm: I <3 The Junction!
Continuing to be busy whilst running out of change, NXNE staff came in at the wrong time (during band changes) and got yelled at by Amy. Oops! This Brampton band had my head turned, too bad i couldn't see much, but i totally loved what i've heard. The Junction also have the cutest merchandise! Their t-shirt has images of ice-cream, sunset and bunnies! I couldn't resist, before the end of the night, i bought the grey sunset shirt and the And With This Comes Tomorrow EP. Can't wait to listen to it!

11pm: What the fuss? It's only Dallas Green!
At the beginning of the night, i was wondering why there were so many emo kids with Alexisonfire shirts. Now i know why, City and Colour is the solo project of Alexisonfire's singer Dallas Green, except there is no shouting and he plays on an acoustic guitar. Sorta like Dennis Lyxzén's solo project Lost Patrol only not as indiepop, was okay, but nothing to die for.

12am: Bedouin Soundclash
At about 11:26pm, Amy gave me the cue for no more cash sales, so i began to count out. We were at full capacity, prolly over. After i packed up, i met Sabrina whom manages the bar. The door person, Shannon, was free to go so i was kinda took over her position. It was soooo packed, I didn't get to see much of this band since i was eager to go. Mary and Greg picked me up at 12:20am, we went over to Clinton's (693 Bloor St W - 416.535.9541) as there was a problem. As we were driving back to the hotel, we were waiting at the light at Bathurst and Dundas, all of a sudden -- ziiipppp the whole intersection turned black including the hospital. Ironically, we were right behind a hydro truck. Thank god i gotta sleep in tomorrow!!


Anonymous said...

waaaaaggh! You and k-os! I'd luv to see a show of his one day.

- Kimmy

stylishly yours said...

Tragic that he plays the Molson Amp these or i'd go when he was less popular. I love that man! If you like him you should check out Common.

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