Thursday, 9 June 2005

NXNE Kickoff + Chart Schmuck Party

Was another busy day at work today, my client Eric still drove me up the wall! ARGH! It's that time of the year again, it was NXNE's final cashier meeting today at 6pm, it's the same thing again, yadda yadda.. but this year i got to use the Ticketmonster beeper! wheee! I'm working at Lee's Palace again this year. I don't think i'll work the Saturday show, so hopefully i can go bar hopping, i really want to go to Xpace and see ddmmyyyy These are the bands: - Chart Magazine Presents
Stirling1 AM
The Mahones12 AM
Hugh Cornwell11 PM
The Novaks10 PM
Brian Byrne9 PM - Bedlam Society Presents
Bedouin Soundclash12 AM
City And Colour11 PM
The Junction10 PM
The Fullblast9 PM

8:20PM: Chart Schmucks-Ahoy Party at Berkeley Church
After the meeting Eileen and i killed sometime before we headed to Berkeley Church (315 Queen St E - 416.361.9666). We checked in with guestlist and drink tickets and we went into the venue. It's the cutest little place, well it is a church, much look like Palais Royale (1601 Lake Shore Blvd W - 416.533.3553) only with a balcony and an alter. It has the cutest bathroom, French sage green with Victorian mirrors. It was pretty packed and there were lots of "industry" people. When we first enter, we spotted Jesse from Death From Above taking photos at the Chart booth. They were giving out samples of Jagermeister shots with Red Bull, the most disgusting combination ever -- cough syrup! The food was not bad: somosas, pitas, wraps, mini shrimp dumplings, pot-stickers, steamed buns, pineapple, watermelon, puff-pastry mini things, phyllo triangles with cheese and spinach (ours were MUCH BETTER). The so-called "cool" and "fashionable" chicks are the big joke of the night, first off, they're not very young, second, they're still going for that 80s Electrotrash look, c'mon, soooo last year! Even if the outfit was "decent" they ruined it by wearing ugly uncomfortable platform shoes (so 90s!) and what's up with all these girls with grossly long painted toenails?! That's the most disgusting thing EVER! Bahhh.. we spoke to a few people, had a beer, took the swag bags (it's not even that great this year, 3 old issues of Chart (not even the new one, you have to grab that from their booth), a full size of STIFF hair puddy (not bad), Charles Worthington Shine Spray (that i like), Gillette razor, Caesar sticker and BenQ flashlight.. bahh!) and we quietly left the party. Schmuck smoozing is not for us!


Anonymous said...

Hey! You should check out one of my fave Edmonton bands (and favorite people) - AA Sound System. They's playing on Friday, June 10th!

Friday June 10th
NXNE Saved by Radio showcase
Clinton's on Bloor
11:00 Summerlad
12:OO AA Sound System
1:00 Lorrie Matheson that in the afternoon? maybe. Marek (drummer) is a sweetheart, Lane (keys, bass, blips) is so kind and awesome, and Ayla (gee-tar, singer/songwriter) is amazing. Used to date the latter and we're still friends.

They're like folk-rock-blues-country-blip-pop. I dunno how to describe them. They're just ace. I can't wait to see them next week when they're back home and playing a show! Do say hello if you get a chance.

-Kimmy xxx

stylishly yours said...

Kimmy, no that would be in the evening.. I'll be working at Lee's during that time so no-go, although the venue is close by but Friday is going to be busy at my venue. too bad!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeeeh, I forgot that you're working. Bummah!


winter said...

Have you heard of Whitey Houston? They're from Edmonton and I've heard a few good things.

stylishly yours said...

I've only heard of Whitney Houston not Whitey Houston.

Kimmy: apparently Sonja (from ToD London) saw me on Fri but i didn't see her, she was at my venue for Bedlam Society showcase. i <3 The Junction!!!

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