Tuesday, 14 June 2005

NXNE Finale: Brunch + I Scream, You Scream + Staff Party + Wedding?

Aunties and Uncles (74 Lippincott Street - 416.324.1375)

2:45pm: Lazy Afternoon Late Brunch
Eileen and I went to Aunties and Uncles (74 Lippincott Street - 416.324.1375) for brunch. Too bad their famous Belgium Waffles were already sold out. So we splitted a normal egg and bacon breakfast and a cinnamon French Toast with fruit and maple syrup. It was yummy! I'm convinced that Breakfast/Brunch is my most favourite meal of the day!

4:30pm: Kensington Market
After brunch we browsed around Kensington Market, we went to Global Cheese (76 Kensington Ave - 416.593.9251) because i wanted some creamy Havarti since my last purchase of it was eaten by my dogs. As we were about the leave the store, Eileen noticed that St. Andre was on sale! Half price! Normally it's like $12 a pound but it's only like $6. So we each bought some. We passed by Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream (66 Kensington Ave - 416.835.7781) but Eileen forgot her lactac pills. So we're going to detour back to the apartment then come back to the shoppe later on before we head to our NXNE staff party.

Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream (66 Kensington Ave - 416.835.7781)

6pm: We returned to Kensington Market Organic Ice Cream (66 Kensington Ave - 416.835.7781) This tiny shoppe has about a dozen flavours including: La Palette (sorta like a camarmel apple and white chocolate), Rose Vanilla (rose jam & vanilla), Tempo (green tea with white chocolate and raspberry ripples), Emotional Rescue (LOVE THE NAME, LOVE THIS FLAVOUR!!! It's cardamon and vanilla). The owner serves nothing but waffle cones in them or in little Chinese take-out containers. There was also apple-cider slurpee for those who are lactose intolerant. Yummmm!

6:30pm: Eileen and I returned to the evil El Mocambo for our NXNE Staff party. I got a sucky grab bag, so i returned and got a better one, everyone got an Avril Lavinge shirts! HAHA! No Shawn Desmond fridge magnets this year. I also got a NOW frisbee, some CD. Then another management girl came over and wanted to trade bags because she wanted to give me more stuff for my extra work. i insisted that i want to keep this bag, so she gave me a book - Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre, a NOW t-shirt and a few other things. The food was the same from last year's party, catering from Shanghai Cowgirl (538 Queen St W - 416.203.6623): Grilled cheese, wraps, mashed potatoes served in little Chinese take-out cups. It was sooo hott and humid there, we didn't stay that long and we went back to the apartment.

9pm: There were absolutely nothing on the telly. We started to watch Sugar, it was wedding special. So we watched how a wedding cake was made, after that it was Wedding Cake Challenge. Eileen was telling me how she's craving the Dufflet cake that her sister ordered for her wedding. But the cake is $80, only available for special orders. Then we came up with the idea of having a "Singles shower" party so that we can have the cake and celebrate being single. Teehee, really it was just an excuse to have that cake!!

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