Wednesday, 8 June 2005

Gig 45: There's a Coral on the Lakeshore + BBQ + Hott in Herre

6:50PM: Hott in Herre!!!!
What a busy day at work! Eric was driving me absolutely nuts about the national advert this week! I wanted to kill him! During break I went to vent off and so I went over to Black Market (319 Queen St W - 416.591.7945) and bought some stuff. It has been soo hott in Toronto! Silly me had the idea of walking to A&E after work, it wasn't by all means far but man.. SOO HOTT!! On route, i bumped into Jay who were on his way home from Rotate, i passed by the busy Bellwoods Park and took the above picture, then i saw Kate and Tyler on the patio at Fresh, i said hi quickly and head to A&E...

7:23PM: A&E BBQ
Finally arrived! Romi and Deddy were already there, we chatted a bit and picture above is what we've had. it was yummy!! Romi and Deddy are leaving for Isreal on Thursday but they might stay since Deddy was offered a job at Interscope but it's not confirmed. I hope they'll stay. Toronto is lovely to be living in (though i am tired of it at the moment, but it'll always be my home!)

9:23PM: We better go! Romi actually left her window open and her keys inside the unlocked car! We drove to the venue and she has the sudden craving for ice cream, we didn't like the first place we stopped at, we decided to hop over to The Big Chill (367 Manning Ave + College - 416.540.9040) but the line up was massive so we went back to the venue.. On the way, we bumped into Nick and his British "mates".. one of them said to Nick "Do you know these birds?" ... Death stare, hello? Would he talk to us if he doesn't know us or vice versa? "No, we just flew from the sky!" I answered... DUH!

The Coral // The Meligrove Band @ The Mod Club
(722 College St - 416.588.4663)
Eileen + Elsie + Deddy + Romi

9:54PM: There's a Coral on the Lakeshore
The last time I saw The Coral was in March 2003 with Supergrass at The Koolhaus, so it's been a while. I was surprised to see the crowd turned out, more people than i expected. I spotted MasiaOne was working at merchandise, so i went over and chatted with her, caught up on things and told her i bumped into Karen in Vancouver. The band was great, though they didn't look as "ned" this time around though the singer James and drummer were both wearing Adidas trackpants! haha! James' singer was incredible, although he has slight problem with the feedback. The band played a 65 minutes of old and new mix, many of the olds in fact. The percussion was amazing: bongo & drums! What a great show!

11:40PM: Romi and Deddy gave me a lift to the subway station, we detoured to The Big Chill to get a couple scoops! Yay! Romi's mission finally accomplished! I got a scoop of Dulce de Leche, she got a double scoop of espresso and funky chunky chocolate! Yummmm.. Gah it's 2am i gotta sleep, tomorrow NXNE meeting then Chat Magazine party!


winter said...

AWWWWW, you went to ice cream after?!!!! Dulce de Leche, I LOVE that stuff!

Is it me or did the singer lose a lot of weight?

stylishly yours said...

Romi was determine about her ice-cream, so we went there, it was still pretty packed there. Crazy!

Did he? Maybe he's grown out of his "babyfat"? I was too far away to see them upclose last time at Supergrass (I came late, remember?), i did note his Fred Perry shirt last time though...

Anonymous said...

i just wanted to say that the photos of food you post always look so good.


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