Saturday, 25 June 2005

Miss Popular: Jonny Dovercourt's Housewarming Party + Henri Faberge & The Adorables + Ben & Serge Birthday Party

7:30pm: OMG it's so hott!! I went to LCBO and picked up some booze after work and arrived at Heather's house by 7:30ish, we hung out, bought fireworks for Ben's pressie and ate dinner from Ali Baba's (2202 Dundas St W - 416.538.7001).

10pm: We were the first ones to arrived at Jonny Dovercourt's Housewarming party. We had a tour of the space, and we made Mojito's. We sat on his deck and hung out until it was time to me to go to Clinton's (693 Bloor St W - 416.535.9541) and take photos of Henri Faberge & The Adorables' set, i have became their official photographer y'see!

Henri Faberge & The Adorables @ Clinton's Tavern
(693 Bloor St W - 416.535.9541)

11pm: Oh god i was so late! They were already on their second last song when i arrived. But i did manage to snap a few good photos as you can see them here. Niall was standing in for Brendan, he was recording or something couldn't make it.

11:45pm: I made it back to Jonny's party to pick up Heather. A few more people showed up but we had to leave and head on to the Riot House for Ben & Serge's party.

12:06am: We finally made it to the Riot House. It was very hott pretty much else so i went upstairs to Brie's room (where the fan was) and hide out for the most of the night. I saw my friend Karen again!!! Zach and I went outside as Bush League was playing, it was way loud and we were just so tired out. Ben kept feeding me scotch "Elsie, do it, you have to have it for my birthday!" Bleeeehh birthday boy!!! Oh god, i couldn't even stand straight anymore, i stumpled my way upstairs and sat down on the couch.. til about 3:38am and i went home.

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